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Plywood For Sleep Number Bed

Plywood Costs Less Than A Bunkie Board

Make a Platform Bed for Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, or other foam mattresses!!!!

One reason to make your mattress support out of plywood instead of a bunkie board is that plywood is cheap. Using plywood instead of a bunkie board can therefore save you some money.

The price for quality bunkie boards is around $100, and some of the best models can go up to several hundred dollars. Plywood, on the other hand, is much more affordable and a lot more people can find that its within their budget. Plywood that is suitable for your needs usually costs about $50.

Check If Your Mattress Is Sagging

You need to measure how much the mattress is sagging.

To measure this, you can use a carpenters level or any other type of tool that will give an accurate measurement for each side in inches. If the difference between mattress thickness in the middle and near the edges is more than 0.2 inches the mattress is sagging. Otherwise, its not.

What Is A Mattress Foundation

A mattress foundation refers to any type of base you place your mattress on. Mattress foundations, often called bed frames, help protect your mattress and provide extra support for your mattress as you sleep. The right bed foundation can also offer better airflow to keep you cool at night.

Originally, the box spring was the most popular bed foundation for innerspring mattresses. As mattresses changed and improved to accommodate different sleeping style and habits, so have the need for different bed foundations. Slatted bases offer strong and stable support for mattresses. Platform beds offer storage space underneath and an aesthetic many people enjoy. And adjustable foundations make choosing your preferred sleeping position easier than ever.

At Purple, we understand everyone sleeps differently. This is why we offer several bed foundation options. With Purple bed frames, you know your mattress is getting the support and protection it needs, and you get a comfortable rest each night.

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Box Spring Vs Foundation

Many people refer to the foundation that their bed lays on as a box spring. But the term box spring refers to the wooden framed box that contains coils or springs inside.

Newer box springs no longer contain springs. Thus, they are now referred to as foundations. Mattress foundations are typically comprised of a wooden frame with slats.

While foundations provide extra support and raise you up higher, they mostly arent necessary anymore. In the past, mattresses were thinner and box springs were needed to absorb shock. But now that mattresses are more solid, you dont need a foundation if you have a proper solid frame.

Can I Use Plywood On A Box Spring For A Memory Mattress

Sleep Number Memory Foam Full Mattress with Adjustable Base

Yes, you can use plywood on a box spring for your memory mattress. In fact, it is highly suggested that you use plywood as your base. This is because memory mattresses are heavier than the ordinary spring mattresses.

However, you can still use your old box spring as your base given that it is not older than ten years. This means that the bed will feel uneven once you lay down on it. Test out your current box spring by placing the mattress on top and check if you can clearly feel the uneven bumps. If you dont, then it should be good enough to use.

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Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform

For an upholstered look this low-profile bed from Zinus is the best. The frame is richly padded and covered with classic gray fabric, combining an air of luxury with minimalist simplicity.

The headboard and upholstery all around, its perfect for center of the room designs.

At just 14-inches, even a thicker Sleep Number mattress wont be overdoing it. Foam-padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-reduction, and non-slip tape on the wooden slats will keep your bunkie board in place.

Youll get plenty of support from the rugged steel frame that in Queen Size can handle up to 2400 lbs. Everything you need to assemble it is in the box and Zinus backs the frame with a 5-year warranty.

What Type Of Plywood Should I Avoid

When you go out shopping for large pieces of plywood, you might run into names like MDF and Particle Board. These should be avoided at all costs. While MDF and Particle Board plywood play valuable roles in other projects, neither is suitable to create a long-lasting and supportive bed frame. Particle Board, in particular, is not very strong and cannot carry the weight of a double mattress and two people .

Did that dog shed a ton of hair or roll in the mud? Grab our free guide on how to clean a bed. It is packed with tips to freshen everything from the bedding to the mattress.

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Platform Beds Are Perfect For Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number recommends against using a box spring with their mattresses, but they absolutely endorse the idea of using their mattresses with platform beds with zero gaps and a solid foundation that does not sag or flex.

So, why is a platform bed perfect for the Sleep Number mattresses?

Its because of the large, sturdy base that this bed style provides. This base is actually designed to hold a mattress rather than a box spring.

The base of the platform bed is likely constructed 10 to 12 inches off of the floor when compared to a traditional bed frame so that the top of the mattress is at a height convenient for sitting and getting in and out of bed.

Invest In A New Bed Frame Or Slats

Sleep Number C2 Mattress Unbox & Build

The slats on your bed frame may have weakened or they might have been displaced or broken. If they have, the uneven surface will affect the firmness of your mattress, so investing in a new bed frame or slats will fix this.

A brand new bed frame with new slats will offer more support. To make your mattress firmer, you should consider bed frames with solid slats as they provide a more supportive feel.

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What Kind Of Bed Frame Works With A Sleep Number Bed

The key point in choosing a bed frame for your Sleep Number bed is structural integrity, and it has two notable benefits. First, a reliable bed frame ensures that you dont wake up with you and your bed on the floor because the bed frame wouldnt easily fall apart. Second, you get to enjoy the full warranty that comes with your Sleep Number bed. Here are some choices to help you have those benefits:

What Is A Box Spring

Box springs are a metal or wooden box covered with fabric. They are sold separately from the mattress and the bed frame. Traditional box springs housed coil springs for shock absorption and even weight distribution. These springs were designed to push against the coils in the innerspring mattress above.

However, today, most box springs no longer have spring coils and are hollow inside instead. While conventional box springs were designed to support the mattress, most modern box springs simply provide height. Plus, as more modern mattresses become popular, box springs are no longer necessary for adequate support.

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Slatted Vs Solid Platform Bed Frames

Slatted and solid platforms are two of the most popular constructions for these types of beds. Each has advantages and disadvantages that shoppers should consider.

Slats are rows of individual planks across the bed frame that are designed to support the weight of the mattress. They can be used to construct the platform of wood, metal, and upholstered beds. Slatted platform beds promote airflow better than solid options. However, theyre typically not as durable. Sleepers over 230 pounds and individuals with heavy latex or innerspring mattresses may find that they need more support.

Solid platforms are popular for their unmatched durability. Available in a variety of materials, these platforms are sturdy and can typically bear more weight than slatted platforms. Theyre also less likely to make noise. Without slats, though, air cant circulate through your mattress very well, so it may retain heat. While this type of platform is less common than slats, you can achieve a similar effect by using a bunkie board on a slatted model.

Editors Choice Sleep Number Flexfit Smart Adjustable Bases

Sleep Number Mattress Reviews


  • Material: Not specified
  • Available colors: One color only

With the ability to perfectly complement your existing furniture, the FlexFit 1 is the most simple of the ergonomic designs and comes in both Queen and King sizes for even more individualized comfort. This base allows for the head to be lifted to varying degrees to help with snoring, as well as a comfortable back prop when reading or watching television in bed. Many people also like how it can aid in illness or pain support.

The FlexFit 2 adjustable base is one step up from the FlexFit 1, including under-bed lighting to find your way in the dark, as well as an added zero-gravity feature which gives you endless elevation options for your head and feet positions.

The FlexFit 3 is the ultimate adjustable bed base experience that has everything the FlexFit 2 does, plus a massage and foot warming feature. It also includes an integrated under bed light and the ability to plug in and control your bedside lamps for greater visibility when youre getting ready for bed.


  • Material: Wooden slats and frames
  • Available colors: Rustic pine, natural, antique espresso, cherry

This piece is simple and has an easy slat system or bunkie board addition for your Sleep Number Bed choice. It has a strong support beneath and comes in twin, full, queen and king size choices.


  • Very sturdy, mattress does not slip
  • Extra slats can be added to raise weight limit, or increase overall firmness





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Plywood Vs A New Boxspring

Also, you can purchase a new boxspring that will replace the slats. This may sound like a more expensive option. However, it is not always necessary to purchase an entirely new boxspring. A used boxspring can cost not more than plywood and become an easier solution. While plywood is a temporary solution, a new boxspring is a more decent investment that will last longer.

What Are Bunkie Boards

A bunkie board is a solid, flat mattress support base often used as a replacement for a box spring. Bunkie boards lay directly on top of your bed frame. Since theyre usually no more than 4 inches thick, they add much less height to your mattress than box springs. They are useful if you prefer having your mattress lower, or if you dont have a lot of available vertical space.

Because bunkie boards are made of a single, flat piece of material, theyre also well suited for memory foam and latex mattresses. Other mattress support systems have slats with gaps in between that can damage memory foam and latex, or even void your warranty!

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What Types Of Mattresses Are Best For Platform Beds

Platform beds use either a solid or slat platform for support, and this can impact the type of material and firmness level you should consider. Since the platform typically isnt flexible, it acts as a very firm foundation capable of preventing sagging. To ensure a platform bed is appropriate support for your mattress of choice, you may want to read the terms of the warranty policy or contact the customer service department.

What Kind Of Bed Frame Can You Use With A Sleep Number Bed

How To: Build Sleep Number California King Platform Bed Frame

A Sleep Number bed is compatible with most bed frames. You can purchase an adjustable or modular frame from the company itself, use an existing frame you have, buy a new solid frame, or even construct one yourself. Be sure to avoid box springs and platform beds with a slate base that have more than 2 gaps if youre choosing a new frame. If youre using an existing slatted bed frame that has 3 or 4 gaps, add boards yourself to fill in the space. You can also add a Bunkie board to create a flat, even surface. A Bunkie board can sit atop the slates and fit to your bed size.

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Can You Use Plywood Instead Of A Bunkie Board

If you have a mattress that needs a base with a flat surface and not slats with gaps, then youre probably considering buying a bunkie board. But can you use plywood instead of a bunkie board?

You can use plywood instead of a bunkie board however plywood is less durable than a bunkie board and less aesthetically pleasing. A DIY bunkie board is a better alternative than using plywood alone.

Lets first consider the pros and cons of both approaches. This guide will help you make the right decision.

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Whats A Sleep Number Bed

If you havent had an opportunity to try a Sleep Number bed, then youre missing out. I like the customizable innovation that comes with this bed.

A Sleep Number bed contains two separate air mattresses. Each air mattress is adjustable so that each sleeper can set the firmness level to the perfect number for them.

This means getting a better nights sleep, every night for most people.

Sleep Number offers several lines of mattresses. The first is the Classic Series, which includes dual adjustability and the companys proprietary Responsive Air technology.

I love the Responsive Air technology because I can be a restless sleeper. This technology senses every time that the sleeper moves and makes subtle adjustments to ensure proper alignment, no matter what position you find yourself in.

The Classic Series is equipped with SleepIQ technology that shows you the quality level of your sleep. With this data, you can make adjustments to your firmness level to get better sleep the following night. This is an awesome feature.

The Classic Series is attractive because of its affordable pricing. However, you may want to upgrade to the Performance Series if you need improved pressure relief.

Upgrade to an Innovation Series Mattress, and you get all of the features of the Performance Series plus a temperature-balancing sleep surface. This series is for those of you who get overheated while sleeping.

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Cut Your Plywood With A Circular Saw Or Have It Cut For You

Once you have the plywood ready, cut it in the proper size. For this, you can use a circular saw . For bunk beds and twin-size beds with 38 x 75 inches frames, you should cut a piece of 36.5 by 73.5 inches, or perhaps an extra inch on the sides for thicker upholstery.

If you dont have a circular saw, we recommend you take your plywood sheet to your local hardware store where they should be able to cut it for you.

Use Quality Flat And Straight Wood Boards

Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Using cheaper plywood and planks is definitely not advised. The frame should be able to support both your weight and the weight of the mattress all throughout the night. So, choosing better quality plywood and planks is a must. It may be an added expense but at the very least you can be sure that you wont wake up on the floor in the morning with a broken bed frame. So, here are the things that you should look for when purchasing plywood and slats:

  • The plywood should not have too many gaps in between layers. Pinhole gaps may be acceptable but it is an indicator that the wood is not of the best quality.
  • There are many types of wood that would make great bed slats like red oak or Douglas fir, but before you choose, there are the qualities that you should look for. The wood that you should use should be warp-resistant and tough enough to carry the load. It should also be able to resist constant pressure and strain.

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Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame

An air mattress is very convenient to use as an alternative sleeping location. Unfortunately, you cannot use it on a regular bed frame. This is because a standard, wooden frame comes with between 3 and 5 slats for support. These are not effective in supporting those mentioned above.

If you truly want to get yours raised higher, and off the floor, there are a few solutions you can utilize. It is well known that getting on and off one, especially if its low height and located on the floor, can be quite challenging. Thus, these solutions should assist you.

Alternatives To Plywood And Box Springs

Plywood and box springs arent the only option available for your mattress. There are other solutions in the market. Platform beds and slats are viable options you should consider for your bed. Lets see what makes them so good.

Platform beds

Platform beds are the most popular choice of support these days for several reasons. They are basically just raised platforms on which a mattress can sit.

This might seem like a downgrade from the regular box springs and mattresses, but dont worry its not that bad!

Platform beds are simplistic and work great, but they have the same issues of plywood and cost a little more. They are easier to use, though. Theres always a tradeoff.

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