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Sleep Number 360 C4 Smart Bed Reviews

What Foundations Or Bed Frames Can Be Used With Sleep Number C2

Sleep Number Reviews – Sleep Number Queen C4 360 smart bed @ Pissed Consumer Interview

Sleep Number beds require a flat, firm, durable surface to adequately support the mattress. Platform beds and adjustable bases are the best options. Sleep Number sells both adjustable bases and an integrated base for use with their mattresses. Box springs and slatted foundations are not recommended for the Sleep NumberC2 mattress.

Is A Sleep Number Mattress Worth The Price

Sleep Number mattresses are pricier than many nonadjustable mattresses. Youll pay about $899 to $4,299 for a queen-size mattress.

Still, many reviewers seem to feel that theyre worth the price. Happy customers report that they love being able to adjust the feel of the mattress just to their liking.

Why Would You Want A Sleep Number Bed/mattress

Are you tired of neck pain, body pain, or a headache after you wake up? Do you feel overwhelmed with the discomfort because of that recurring back pain? Worry no more! Sleep Number Classic Bed can help you resolve all of the above. It is primarily designed to address such pains related to sleep. Taking a rest on such a comfy, yet smooth bed is very relaxing and fulfilling. Despite a tiring experience in the office, you would face the next day with a big smile.

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Sleep Number Trial And Warranty

Sleep Number offers a 100-night trial that begins the day your new mattress arrives. The company asks that you give yourself 30 nights to adjust to your new mattress.

If youre not happy after 30 nights and before the 100-night trial ends, you can contact the company to arrange a return or exchange. This is a necessary step, as Sleep Number must authorize all returns. Some accessories, including bases, cant be returned.

Shipping and delivery fees apply for any permitted returns. In some cases, the only available return shipping option may mean the product is picked up by Sleep Number at your cost. Returns cant be processed in retail stores.

Sleep Number mattresses have a 15-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use. If you have a claim during the first warranty year, you dont have to pay for repairs, but you may be responsible for shipping fees.

Costs go up significantly after the first year. Through year 11, youre responsible for paying 30 percent plus 5 percent for each year from the date of purchase if you have a claim. From year 11 to year 15, youll pay 85 percent of the costs if you have a claim.

Warranties vary for Sleep Number accessories.

Sleep Number Bed Model Ratings Prices Specifications And Comments

  • Not included in the prices below is shipping which can be free or $200.
  • Not included in the prices below are temporary sale prices or promotions.
  • Not included in the prices below is a base / foundation . It is not necessary to buy a Sleep Number foundation as any foundation / box spring capable of properly supporting the mattress and sleeper will suffice. Failure to use an adequate foundation, however, will void the mattress warranty.
  • Not all mattress sizes are necessarily included below.

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Why Would Someone Pick This Model Over The Other Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number mattresses can get expensive, nearly $5,000 for a Queen, which makes the C4 much more realistic at a base price point of $1,5999.

Those who are set on purchasing a Sleep Number bed may choose the C4 over the more affordable C2 because they want a slightly thicker mattress and an additional layer of comfort foam, which the C2 does not offer.

This extra layer of comfort foam is said to have 3 zones for contouring support so individuals who want all the benefits of a Sleep Number plus extra support for the head and neck, back and hips may like the C4.

The C4 model could be a great fit for a couple who wants to customize their sleep experience and need only a little bit of cushion. Just a step above the base model, the C4 offers an extra layer of added comfort with a 1.5-inch foam layer and three zones of support for your head and neck, back and hips. With some mixed reviews, your best bet may be to utilize the trial period and decide if the mattress firmness and construction quality make it worth the $1,599 price tag .

Support & Motion Isolation

The Sleep Number c4 model has excellent motion isolation due to the two separate air chambers, one on each side of the mattress. Any motion stays on individual sides of the bed.

The c4 contains foam border walls providing superb edge-to-edge support.

Since the air chambers on each side of the bed are individually adjustable, the middle is susceptible to a slight sag if one side is firmer or softer than the other.

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Adjustable Bases: Flexfit 1 2 & 3

Sleep Number sells FlexFit adjustable bed bases priced $1200-$4300. These bases can raise a person’s lower and / or upper body making them generally effective at providing various health, comfort and convenience benefits. Sleep Number beds can be placed on most brands of adjustable bed bases, not only FlexFit.

The value of the FlexFit models are questionable given that less expensive adjustable beds with similar or better features are available.

First Impression: How Does It Feel

Sleep Number Bed Review C4 For 2020. My Opinion. How I Did It. Love it?

What is fantastic about this bed is the firmness is fully adjustable. Embedded sensors in the air chamber allow this product to detect the weight of your body as you rest, and it automatically adjusts the firmness dependent on your liking and sleeping position.

This bed can do it all with its air chambers, whether you prefer firmer support or soft pressure relief, letting you find just the right type of comfort.

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Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Sleep Number c2 Mattress

Side Sleepers: Its adjustable air chamber support core makes the c2 comfortable for many side sleepers.

Sleeping on your side concentrates your body weight along that side, placing a great deal of pressure on your shoulders and hips. A mattress thats too soft can cause your shoulders and hips to sag into the beds surface, forcing the spine out of alignment. However, a mattress thats too firm does not offer enough cushioning and can create painful pressure points. Most side sleepers do well with a mattress thats medium to medium firm.

The adjustable design of the c2 allows side sleepers to determine the right level of support for them, while the 2-inch polyfoam comfort layer cushions their hips and shoulders. Most side sleepers under 230 pounds should be able to find an exceptionally comfortable setting. However, those who weigh over 230 pounds could sink through the comfort layer and press against the air chamber core, reducing the cushioning effect.

Back Sleepers: Sleeping on your back creates pressure in the lumbar area. A mattress thats too soft allows the hips to sink into the mattress excessively, disrupting spinal alignment and potentially causing back pain. However, a mattress thats too firm causes the hips to sit on top of the bed, creating a gap between the lower spine and mattress surface.

Under 130 lbs.

Sleep Number c4 Hybrid Mattress

Under 130 lbs.

You Might Not Want To Consider This Mattress If:

  • You Like Foam Mattresses: Sleep Number mattresses are all about using an air chamber built into the mattress that can be used to adjust the firmness, support and comfort levels of the bed. It is less likely that you will sink into the bed like you would with memory foam or latex mattress.
  • You Want To Keep It Simple:Technically, you can use your own box spring underneath a Sleep Number mattress, however, customer service reps told me they recommend you purchase something called a Bunky Board. According to Sleep Number customer service, this board is a thin upholstered layer that can be placed between the mattress and your base. Note: Sleep Number does not sell Bunky Boards but they can be purchased online at various retailers.
  • You Are A Heavier Person:Sleep Number mattresses can hold a weight of up to 400lbs per side. A Sleep Number model with more layers and more cushioning may be a better fit for heavier individuals. However, some customers have added mattress toppers to the more standard models, which could be a good workaround.

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Major Cons Of The Sleep Number Classic Series Beds

Less feature-rich compared to Sleep Number Performance and Innovation series beds

Like we mentioned earlier, the Classic Series is the entry level adjustable bed from Sleep Number. The Performance Series and Innovation Series obviously are more feature rich compared to the Classic Series. If you want a more comfortable and supportive bed, you ought to check them out.

The initial Use is Complicated

Given the relative complexity of this bed, trying it for the first time can be quite confusing. People buy Sleep Number beds with the expectation of finding that magical Sleep Number setting and falling a sleep in heaven right away. But, its not that simple you have to give it a few days/nights and play with it until you find that dream Sleep Number for you and your partner. Give it a few days and youll be pleasantly surprised.

Overall, the Sleep Number Classic is worth many times your investment. Hope this Sleep Number Classic review helped you decide whether the C2 or C4 is right for you or if you should look at upgrading towards a Performance or Innovation series bed.

Quick Overview Of Sleep Number:

Sleep Number Mattress Reviews

The sleep number is a miraculous invention in the world of mattresses. It is talked about because of its hi-tech alterable firmness technology that is controlled by a remote control device by adjusting numbers on both sides of the bed. However, over a couple of years, the mattresses have become smarter with the flow of mind boggling technological advancements by each passing day.

This advancement brought the concept of tracking sleep patterns and automatic moderation of mattress while sleeping. Most of the people are satisfied with this amazing technology while, simultaneously, we have a handful of users that are unhappy with the quality of the mattress. Sleep Numbers invention took the technology of the mattresses to another level. The option of adjustable rigidity of the mattress is one of the unimaginable tasks that not only became true but in a user-friendly manner.

The designers turned it into a blessing rather than luxury by adding ultra-smart features like sleep tracking, automated adjustments of numbers while sleeping to provide comfortable posture as well as temperature control that can sense the heat from the body and regulate it then n there. These extraordinary features caught the attention of consumers. At the same time, some of the users highlighted the flaws in the quality of air bladders and electronics that were faltering before the expected time.

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Construction And Materials Comparison

The materials used to construct a mattress impact its performance, feel, and longevity. Learning the ins and outs of mattress design can help you identify what type of mattress is best for you.

As you read more about mattresses, youll often come across a few key terms related to mattress construction. The comfort system includes the top layer or layers of the mattress, which contribute directly to the feel of the bed. Under the comfort system is a thicker section called the support core, which provides a sturdy base for the mattress.

All-foam mattresses tend to have comfort systems made of memory foam, polyfoam, or other pressure-relieving materials, and a support layer made of polyfoam. By contrast, hybrid comfort systems can be made of latex, foam, or fibers, but the support layers are made with steel coils. Airbeds, which differ from temporary air mattresses, have air-filled chambers in the support core and additional comfort layers on top.

Sleep Number Purchase Details

Wondering where to buy a Sleep Number bed? Sleep Number products can be purchased in-store or ordered direct-to-consumer. For many, especially in our current pandemic climate, ordering online and having products shipped directly is a simple, hassle-free way to receive your new bed or bed frame! While you can visit a Sleep Number location, ultimately you will need time to adjust to your new mattress. All of the beds we have reviewed on our site offer generous sleep trials, Sleep Number included, providing you with the opportunity to test your new bed in the comfort of your home.

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Sleep Number Warranty Vs Ghost Smartbed Comparison

According to Sleep Number, they have so much confidence in their products’ quality that they offer awarranty of up to 15 years. The company’s A+ BBB rating further enhances the warranty. This warranty period was reduced recently from the initial 25-year warranty.

Note: Sleep Number offers two distinct 15-year mattress warranties, one for what they term as Value Beds a.k.a Comfort mattresses and another one for 360 series Smart Beds. For the smart beds, the warranty covers a firmness control system and SleepIQ software and hardware.

Sleep Number warranty is prorated meaning that the company covers the replacement or repair cost only during the first year. Once this period lapses, buyers will foot part of the cost.

Here’s a summary of the Sleep Number warranty

· Day 1the day before 1st anniversary – No cost to the buyer

· 1st anniversarythe day before 11th anniversary – Buyers pay 30% + 5% for every full ownership year

· 11th anniversary to 15th anniversary Buyers pay 85%

GhostBed mattresses are covered by Nature’s Sleep industry-leading 25-yearwarranty. During this period, the company will replace or repair any mattress, component or part should it be defective because of structural defects or faulty workmanship. The warranty is subject to the company’s conditions and limitations as contained in the warranty.

Here’s a summary of the warranty

· First 10 years No cost to the buyer

Sleep Number C4 Summary

Sleep Number Bed Review | Two Peas in a Prov

Overall, c4 is a good bed choice if you know youre a firm bed lover, which typically means youre a side sleeper. Generally, Sleep Number is a great choice if you want adjustability and personalization, and could definitely be a fit if youre interested in tracking your sleep habits. Plus, the small layer of comfort foam helps with some pressure relief, a nice addition if you know you want a little neck support as you sleep.

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Making Sense Of Sleep Number

Sleep Number offers two lines of mattresses: the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line and the Sleep Number Value Bed line.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line consists of four series, most of which include several models:

From a design standpoint, Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds and Value Beds are similar to any other mattresses: Each contains an upper comfort portion made of foam layers and a lower support portion. Instead of the foam or springs found in the lower support portion of conventional mattresses, in Sleep Number mattresses, that support portion consists of an adjustable air chamber and a support pad. These air chambers make it possible for couples to independently adjust firmness levels to their own liking. Theres also a sleep tracker inside the bed.

Heres how the key components work:

The air chamber allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattressyour sleep settingsby filling the chamber with more or less air. The settings range from 5 to 100 you can adjust them in increments of 5 using the SleepIQ app on your phone or tablet, or with a remote . With the 360 Smart Beds, the tissue-boxsized pump is incorporated into a base , which pairs with the mattress. If you dont purchase the base, the pump will sit on the floor.

How Long Do Sleep Number Mattresses Last

According to Sleep Number, the mattresses should last at least 15 years. However, your mileage may vary. Some reviewers say the mattress lasted them about 10 years, while others say theyve had their Sleep Number for 20 years. Other reviewers report that the mattress didnt last them very long at all and that they experienced sagging issues.

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A Mattress For Every Type Of Sleeper

The 360 Smart Bed is available in a number of iterations and sizes. You can choose between full-split, top-split, and no-split mattresses, depending on whether you sleep alone or with a partner, in sizes ranging from twin to California king. Prices start at $1,399 and go as high as $5,699 for the mattress itself adding a base costs extra.

We tested a full-size, no-split p5 mattress with a FlexFit 1 base. With home installation and delivery included, it came to a total of $3,896.62. The p5 is a medium-support mattress with a four-inch comfort layer and a profile height of 10 inches. More premium models, like the i8 and i10, come with higher profiles and thicker comfort layers, and are made of cooling materials. You don’t have to buy a base , but keep in mind that you can’t use these mattresses with box springs.

What Should People With Back Pain Look For In A Mattress

Mattress Sleep Number / Sleep Number 360® C4 Smart Bed ...

Recognizing the subjective comfort experience of mattresses, Huff stressed the importance of finding a mattress that comes with a long, risk-free sleep trial. She was a fan of adjustable air beds as well as Tempur-Pedic foam mattresses because of the custom feel both can provide.

In addition to warning against very soft or very hard mattresses, Jain recommended thicker mattresses and ensuring you purchase the appropriate base for your mattress. Jain also stressed the importance of reading reviews before you buy.

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