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Best Matress For Hot Sleeper

A Hybrid Option That Works For All Sleeping Styles

Best Cooling Mattresses For Hot Sleepers 2022 (Top 6 Beds!)

Helix Sleep

  • Materials: Cooling cover, foam, wrapped coils
  • Firmness level: Medium-firm
  • Trial period: 100 nights

The Helix Midnight Luxe sandwiches its foam layers between a breathable quilted top that increases airflow and a wrapped-coil layer where air is free to travel between the metal springs. Its medium-firm feel will appeal to most sleepers who arenât nit-picky when it comes to firmness, plus it offers zoned lumbar support that contours to your body. The fact that Helix still manages to pack the coils and foam into a compact box for shipping and delivery means less hassle for setup.

Use code FORBES100 to receive $100 off when you spend $600 or more code FORBES150 to receive $150 off when you spend $1,250 or more or code FORBES200 to receive $200 off when you spend $1,750 or more. Plus, score two free Dream Pillows with your purchase.

Best Cooling Mattress For Couples Nectar

  • Mattress Advisor score: 8.5/10
  • Trial length: 365 nights
  • Warranty: lifetime

The Nectar mattress is a well-rounded foam mattress that does two things exceptionally well: It moves heat away from you and keeps your motion transfer to a minimum. So, if you sleep with a partner, you can rest peacefully as they move around. That’s why it’s our top pick as the best cooling mattress for athletic couples. It contains five foam layers that relieve common pressure points beneath shoulders, hips, and legsâno matter your sleeping position. It also provides good support for edge-of-the-bed sleepers, making it a solid choice for anyone who tends to toss, turn, or move around to every corner of the bed.


  • Ideal for side sleepers excellent pressure relief
  • Excellent motion isolation appeals to couples and co-sleepers
  • Affordable price point

Other Ways To Stay Cool At Night

As nice as it is to purchase a cooling mattress, we recognize that it may not be within everyones price range. Here are some other more affordable ways you can keep a low temperature at night.

  • If its not too hot during the day, keep the windows open while keeping the shutters, curtains, or blinds closed.
  • At night, open the windows to create a cross breeze.
  • If you have a fan on the floor, keep a container of ice in front of it. It will help cool the air circulating throughout the room.
  • Use cotton or linen bedding. Wearing cotton pajamas can also help.
  • Drink plenty of water so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Take a cool or cold shower before you go to bed.
  • If you exercise, do so earlier in the day so you dont have a high body temperature before you lie down to sleep.
  • If you sleep with a partner, pet, or both, try to keep some space between everyone. This will also help with airflow.

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress could be considered a marketing term for innerspring mattresses that come with some extra memory foam. However, a hybrid mattress stands for a mattress that is made by combining two different technologies traditional innerspring technology with pocketed coils, and memory foam that can be latex, gel-infused, etc.

Now, what makes a hybrid mattress different from a traditional innerspring one is the fact that a hybrid comes with significantly more foam. There lies the very secret of the comfort and coziness of the hybrids because of the foam, you wont feel the coils stabbing you while you sleep, but rather only feel the support of the coils since the foam protects you.

Our Review Of The Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress Pad For Hot Sleepers Reviews 2021

Pros: 365-night risk-free trial, lifetime warranty, great for stomach sleepers, good heat dissipation, made of eco-friendly materials, all four sides have two handles

Cons: Not ideal for side sleepers, heavy, sinks significantly when sitting on the side

Stomach sleepers generally prefer the firmest mattresses, though this will vary based on personal preference and body type. A firmer mattress supports stomach sleepers by keeping your spine aligned, protecting you from back pain.

The Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress gives you a slightly firm, comfortable support along with one of the longest trial periods and warranties in the industry.

The firm feel is balanced by a plush Euro-top made of organic wool. Next is a layer of Rainforest Alliance-certified Dunlop latex, and the support core contains individually wrapped coils.

The cotton blend mattress cover has two handles sewn into all four sides for easy movability. This feature is a must since the Awara is one of the heaviest mattresses in our guide. Despite the heft, I set it up without help in about five minutes. The mattress had a strong initial odor that dissipated within a few hours.

As a combination side and stomach sleeper, I preferred stomach sleeping on the Awara. During the testing period, I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep, and each morning I awoke feeling refreshed. I also didn’t experience any soreness, a common issue for stomach sleepers.

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Does Mattress Firmness Affect Body Temperature

  • A softer mattress can mean good pressure relief, but it may also mean trapping more heat, specially with most memory foam mattresses. This isnt to say that a softer mattress cant sleep cool, but it is another factor to consider during the buying process.
  • On a firmer mattress, people are going to sleep more on the surface rather than in it, which tends to result in a cooler sleeping experience. Theres simply more room for air to flow on their skin.
  • When thinking about mattress temperature, people should also think about their body weight. A heavier person is more likely to sink into a mattress than someone lighter.

Best Cooling Mattress For Couples

Need a cooling mattress for two? The DreamCloud is a medium-firm mattress with stellar motion transfer and cooling, which makes it ideal for couples who share a bed. You can toss, turn, or get out of bed with minimal risk of waking up your partner. The DreamCloud is also built for temperature regulation, with one cooling material on top of another. A top layer of soft, breezy cashmere, air-circulating coils, and gel memory foam layers work to keep sleepers supported and feeling cool. The DreamCloud also comes with a year-long sleep trial to ensure youre totally happy with your new mattress.

  • Firmness: Medium-Firm

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Our Review Of The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

Pros: Made with eco-friendly materials, 100-night risk-free trial, good edge support, excellent heat dissipation, the plush comfort is ideal for side sleepers

Cons: Held on to its new bed smell, not the best for stomach or back sleepers, failed motion transfer tests

The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress is also our pick for the best soft mattress, an attribute that makes it ideal for side sleepers, who usually find a bed with some give to be the most comfortable. Additionally, we think it’s a good solution for petite sleepers and older individuals who may not have as much natural cushioning as they once did and could benefit from the soothing comfort of a soft mattress.

Side sleepers will appreciate the zoned pressure relief built into the foam layers of the . The second foam layer has three ergonomic zones that are firmer around the waist, hips, and lower back and softer under the shoulders. The following foam layer features contoured cuts designed to reinforce the second layer. And, the hybrid’s springs ensure your body is adequately supported while adding a level of durability. A firm border of foam helps the bed’s edge support.

I tend to overheat in bed, but I never felt hot when sleeping on the , which is impressive since I tested the mattress in the summer. When I used the bathroom in the night, the spot where I was sleeping was cooler when I returned, which helped me get back to sleep faster.

Yes, nationwide

What’s The Best Way To Clean A Mattress

Best Cooling Mattresses 2021 – Top 9 Picks for Hot Sleepers!

Based on expert interviews, my colleague L. Daniela Alvarez put together an excellent guide on cleaning a mattress. The experts in her article recommend deep cleaning your mattress with baking soda and a vacuum every three to six months. However, you should treat stains as quickly as possible using a disinfectant wipe. For harder stains, you may need to use a mixture of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide.

Some mattresses have removable covers. Check with the manufacturer before removing the cover and attempting to clean it. Some brands may state that their covers are machine washable. If that is the case with your mattress, we recommend that option only as a last resort, and make sure you follow the cleaning instructions carefully.

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Purchasing Online Vs In Store

Brands are coming up with new and innovative cooling technologies every day that can help prevent your bed from overheating in the night, and these features are on display in stores and on internet websites for online mattress brands. Many of these technologies are incredibly cool to the touch and are fascinating to check out in person, but whats the best way to prove their value?

The mark of an excellent mattress cooling system isnt a 5 to 10-second touch you really have to lay on it all night and see how it performs throughout your entire sleep cycle. A product may feel a certain way when you lay down for a few minutes, but you still may bolt awake covered in sweat at 3 AM.

Look for trials, available with most online brands, to give you the opportunity to put a potential solution to the test in the room where you will be sleeping.

For More Info:Best Online Mattresses

Choosing The Right Bedding

You may find that having a couple of wool or cotton blankets suits you better than just one thick doona. This is like layering your clothing during the day, and allows you to add or subtract a layer during the night to set your temperature at just right.

Choose natural fibres if possible for your covers: 100% cotton, bamboo, linen and wool are all good choices for hot sleepers and warm nights as they breathe and may wick moisture more effectively.

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What Causes Hot Sleeping Scroll To Top 10

Sleeping warm is a common complaint across people of all types. Here are some reasons that you may be experiencing it.- You’re eating spicy foods. Spicy foods are known to increase body temperature.- You exercise in the evening or are very active during the day. This can lead to higher body temperatures.- You are genetically predisposed to being warmer.- You sleep on a memory foam mattress that is trapping the heat.

For those that sleep warm at night, there is nothing worse than waking in the night drenched in sweat or unable to fall asleep because you are tossing and turning. Fortunately, there are some surfaces that diffuse heat and help you get a better sleep.

Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress

Top 5 Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

Many people who are searching for a cooling mattress will end up looking at hybrid beds because their coil construction allows for more airflow than most all-foam mattresses. There are many hybrid mattresses you can choose from, but the DreamCloud is one of our favorites since it offers a luxurious feel at a great value price. Topped with a cashmere-blend cover, the mattress is designed to offer a breathable, cooling sleep experience from top to bottom. Youll rest comfortably on the surface, getting the right balance of comfort and support.

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Mattresses Explained: Memory Foam Sprung Latex And Hybrid

Pocket-sprung mattresses have been the most popular for many years now. However, there are plenty of challengers in the shape of memory foam and latex. The modern-day mattress can arrive in a box, and some even overnight! There is no obvious best mattress type, what works for you will depend on your needs. Read on to find out the differences between Memory Foam, Sprung, Latex and Hybrid mattresses.

Sleep Tips For Hot Sleepers

  • Opt for 100 percent cotton sheets. Synthetic fabrics can trap heat and cause the body to feel even warmer. Instead, go for sheets made of natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo, or look for bedding with cooling or sweat-wicking technology.
  • Get a box fan or AC unit going. Obviously, an air conditioning unit will dramatically chill the air in your room, helping most people stay comfortable. But even a simple box fan can help with airflow, providing a cooling effect. Plus, fans and AC units generate white noise that blocks out other noises, helping hot sleepers fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Sleep downstairs. Because heat rises, rooms on the first floor or in a basement are generally the coolest. People who have a bedroom on a higher floor and are able to relocate to a spot on a lower level should attempt to switch it up.
  • Stick your pillowcase in the freezer. Place a pillowcase in a ziplock and stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours before bed, then make the bed with the chilled bedding right before bedtime. The crisp, cool surface will help cool the bodys temperature as people fall asleep.
  • Take a cool shower before bed. The same idea applies here: Lowering the body temperature a tiny bit can make people feel more comfortable and less likely to overheat. If possible, make sure to shower right before getting into bed for the night. That way, the body doesnt have time to warm up again.
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    Best Memory Foam: Nectar Premier Copper

    Traditional memory foam mattresses can trap heat, negatively interfering with sleep duration and quality. Nectar aimed to solve that problem with the Nectar Premier Copper Mattress, a five-layer mattress with strategically placed foams that adapt to your body temperature as it changes throughout the night.

    This temperature-control mattress incorporates four inches of gel memory foam and phase-changing material that pulls excess heat away from your body. The quilted cover has integrated copper fibers that wick away heat and moisture, keeping you cool and dry.

    Buy Price: $1,299-$1,999

    Look Into Other Cooling Bedding Essentials

    Best Cooling Mattress 2022 (Top 6 Beds For Hot Sleepers!)

    The best bedding for hot sleepers goes well beyond buying a new cooling mattress. You can also look into a cooling pillow and a chilling pad. The Tempur-Pedic Adapt Pro Cooling Pillow was specially engineered to quickly move heat away from the body. The TMI Remarkable Ice Silk Pillow is a memory foam pillow that was designed to dissipate heat away from the pillow, keeping your head cool throughout the night.

    There are even certain sheets that will keep you cooler than others. Ideal bedding for hot sleepers includes something very breathable, like high-quality bamboo sheets. Not only does bamboo keep you cooler all night, it’s also moisture-wicking. If you do sweat, your sheets will pull the moisture away from your body and dry it really quickly.

    If anything is stopping you from getting the good night of sleep you need to stay healthy and happy, visit your nearest City Mattress location or shop online and get help learning about the cooling mattress and bedding products you need to solve the problem. When youve created the best bed for hot sleepers in your bedroom, youll sleep peacefully each night and wake up refreshed each morning.

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    Your Mattress Makes A Difference

    In fact, your mattress may be the real key to how hot or cold you ultimately feel. There are a few simple things to look for in a new mattress and accessories if the temperature in bed is a problem for you:

    How we sleep, coupled with the room temperature or if you share a bed can all affect our body temperature at night. Women have a lower metabolic rate than men so they produce less heat and can sometimes feel colder.

    But every one of us is different, so choosing a bed to fit can be difficult. At SleepMaker, weve introduced a unique technology Kulkote into our mattresses that senses how you sleep, hot or cold.

    Consider The Thickness And Firmness Of Your Mattress

    The type and thickness of the comfort layers on your mattress can affect your sleeping temperature. Generally speaking, the softer your mattress, the cosier youll be.

    This is because youll sink into a soft mattress more, so theres less airflow around your body. We make a range of foams designed to help wick away heat while you are asleep & in many SleepMaker ranges we now combine them often with a unique layer of Kulkote technology.

    Kulkote senses how you sleep and works with tiny microcapsules which, once youre lying on the mattress, heat up and activate the process of absorbing heat. Find out which mattresses in our range have Kulkote.

    Discover quality Australian Made mattresses that support a comfortable nights sleep. Use our handy Sleep Selector to find your perfect mattress and find a retailer to feel and try Kulkote for yourself.

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    Choose The Right Bed For T The Right Sleep Temperature

    The bed youre sleeping on night-after-night, plus what you choose to put on your bed, are important factors in achieving a cool nights sleep.

    Find the ideal mattress

    Your mattress plays a major role in helping to moderate your temperature while sleeping. As the materials your mattress is made of can affect your temperature during the night. Your mattress plays a major role in helping to moderate your temperature while sleeping. As the materials your mattress is made of can affect your temperature during the night.When selecting the best mattress for hot sleepers, its best to look for a mattress thats designed for ventilation and air flow. Our Sealy mattresses are designed with this in mind and feature our SmarTex fabric treatment, which allows heat and moisture to disperse as temperatures rise. This smart fabric technology can be found in our Sealy Posturepedic: Crown Jewel, Exquisite, Premium and Performance product ranges.It also pays to consider a mattress with a firmer comfort level as a firmer mattress model will allow more airflow between the mattress and your body.

    Select suitable bed linen

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