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Difference Between C2 And C4 Sleep Number

The Firmness Of The Sleep Number C2 Mattress

C2 Sleep Number….Good, But….

As described above, the firmness of a Sleep Number bed is adjustable, though based on the model you start with, you can only change it so much. With the Sleep Number C2 mattress lacking the extra cushion, its a very firm feel to start with.

The dials on the mattress for the dual chambers of the two sides of a bed have simple arrows to show you up and down from 1 to 100 for firmness, with 1 being basically uninflated. Remember, the internal technology is based on air.

With the C2 mattress, the adjustment of the air, using the dials and internal pump that automatically locks in your sleep number, the firmness seems to be adjustable from about a 6.5 to an 8. This is a super firm bed, and since a mattress from this company has little response at all below around a 30, the only way to really adjust the softness would be to perhaps add a separate foam mattress pad layer on top of your mattress.

Sleep Number / Select Comfort Company Ratings & Analysis

The ratings below â based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead â show how Sleep Number compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty coverage D+ 25-year limited warranty, but owners overall give the warranty a below-average rating mainly because non-prorated coverage ends after year two of ownership. And some smart bed electronics have a 2-year total warranty. See Sleep Number warranty details.
Return policy D+ 100-day trial period which allows customer to â after 30 days â return the bed for an exchange or a 100% refund minus return shipping/delivery fee. The customer is responsible for preparing the bed components for shipping. As is often true for other brands, there are no returns or exchanges for adjustable bases, closeout or demo bed models.
Customer service C+ Sleep Number / Select Comfort customer service overall is considered by consumers to be generally similar to if not somewhat better than that of other major mattress makers.
This rating is determined by averaging the above company ratings.

What To Look Forward To

In 2022, Sleep Number is releasing its Climate 360 Smart Bed, which is said to be responsive to both temperature and firmness preferences. The company says the bed will have sensors to measure sleep-tracking data like your heart, heart-rate variability, and breathing rate. Among other features, the mattress will automatically adjust firmness in response to your movements, and warm or cool the bed based on your body temperature. Sleep Number also now offers a kids bed.

Further reading on mattresses

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Sleep Number Offers Three Different Mattress Models

  • Classic Series: The two mattress models in the classic series are the c2 and c4. The main difference between these two options is that the c2 has a 2 gel-infused comfort layer while the c4 has a 3 gel-infused comfort layer. If you’re looking for a combination of affordability and comfort, the classic series has a lot to offer.
  • Performance Series: The mattress models in the performance series include the p5, pSE, and p6. The p5 comes with a 4 layer of pressure-relief cushions, and the pSE adds temperature-balancing comfort. The p6 has a 5 comfort layer as well as cooling technology.
  • Innovation Series: The innovation series models include the i8 and the i10. The i8 has a 6 layer of pressure-relieving comfort layers and a temperature-balancing sleep surface. The i10 comes with 7 of comfort layer and cooling technology. If you’re looking for all of the latest features in comfort, the innovation series is the way to go.

Sleep Number Classic C4 Bed

Sleep Number c2 vs c4
What are Owners Ratings?

Owners Rating is a summary of what real owners of this product are saying about their experience.

GoodBed calculates Owners Rating using a consistent algorithm instead of a raw data average. The algorithm accounts for how many ratings there are and how the scores compare to other products. It also incorporates factors such as the ratings age, helpfulness votes, verified ownership, and more. Click here to learn more.


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What Should People With Back Pain Look For In A Mattress

Recognizing the subjective comfort experience of mattresses, Huff stressed the importance of finding a mattress that comes with a long, risk-free sleep trial. She was a fan of adjustable air beds as well as Tempur-Pedic foam mattresses because of the custom feel both can provide.

In addition to warning against very soft or very hard mattresses, Jain recommended thicker mattresses and ensuring you purchase the appropriate base for your mattress. Jain also stressed the importance of reading reviews before you buy.

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You Will Not Like This Mattress If

Youre a side sleeper Despite its adjustability, most may still find the mattress to be too firm to sleep comfortably on their sides, especially on the shoulders and hips.

You are of a heavier weight The mattress does not have a foam filling, meaning it has poor cushioning and pressure relief in comparison with a thicker mattress with some kind of foam.

You prefer a simpler sleeping experience Sleep Number mattresses require that you discover your own sleep number basically, your preferred firmness with an application or with a remote. You might also need to purchase specific kinds of bases in order to support the mattresses in the best ways.

Youre on a tight budget in general Sleep Number mattresses are far from being the cheapest air mattress brand in the industry.

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Sleep Number Adjustable Bed Reviews And Comparisons

If you are at all like me, you like to weigh all of your options before making a major purchase. Theres nothing worse than buyers remorse! The purpose of our buyers guide is to allow you to make the most informed decision possible in regards to your new bed and that includes understanding how it compares to other products on the market.

Weve been fortunate enough to review some of the best air adjustable bedson the market and weve compared them side by side to help you weigh the pros and cons.

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Making Sense Of Sleep Number

Sleep Number i8 360 Bed vs Personal Comfort A8 Number Bed

Sleep Number offers two lines of mattresses: the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line and the Sleep Number Value Bed line.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line consists of four series, most of which include several models:

From a design standpoint, Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds and Value Beds are similar to any other mattresses: Each contains an upper comfort portion made of foam layers and a lower support portion. Instead of the foam or springs found in the lower support portion of conventional mattresses, in Sleep Number mattresses, that support portion consists of an adjustable air chamber and a support pad. These air chambers make it possible for couples to independently adjust firmness levels to their own liking. Theres also a sleep tracker inside the bed.

Heres how the key components work:

The air chamber allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattressyour sleep settingsby filling the chamber with more or less air. The settings range from 5 to 100 you can adjust them in increments of 5 using the SleepIQ app on your phone or tablet, or with a remote . With the 360 Smart Beds, the tissue-boxsized pump is incorporated into a base , which pairs with the mattress. If you dont purchase the base, the pump will sit on the floor.

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You May Not Like Either If

  • You are heavier than 400 lbs. This is the weight limit for both mattresses per side, but even if you are lighter, you may feel like there is not enough support in the mattresses to give you the comfort you need.
  • You like memory foam mattresses. This goes without saying, but neither of these mattresses will offer you the same sleeping experience that a memory foam option would.
  • You prefer a simpler sleeping experience. Sleep Number mattresses require that you discover your own sleep number basically, your preferred firmness with an application or with a remote. You might also need to purchase specific kinds of bases in order to support the mattresses in the best ways.

Who Should Buy The Sleep Number C:

Here are the main reasons the c2 model might be your best bed:

  • You want the cheapest option. This bed is far more affordable than other beds. Many people complain that Sleep Number is too pricey since these beds are also susceptible to tech issues and breakdowns. If youre on a budget but know you want a Sleep Number bed, the c2 will give you the adjustable mattress and a fair price point.
  • You have some back pain. While no bed can be a substitute for medical advice, many customers said the firmness of the c2 helped alleviate back pain by providing ample and durable support. One review specifically said: Superb support for those lying on their back and impressive support for those lying on their side.

Read my entire Sleep Number c2 review

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Sleep Number 360 C2 Smart Mattress

Sleep Numbers C2 Classic Series model is the most basic and standard of Sleep Number mattresses. It does not come with a lot of bells and whistles, but thats not always a bad thing. This mattress seems to be a hit with budget-friendly folks, mostly couples, who want the Sleep Number experience.

We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

Back Sleeping

average weight

Stomach Sleeping

average weight

Financing Options

The Sleep Number Innovation Series

Sleep Number C

The Innovation Series is Sleep Numbers highest-end, plushest line. Although these mattresses arguably dont feel as plush as most foam or innerspring mattresses of similar price, the beds in this line actually feel like nice mattresses. If I were set on a Sleep Number mattress and could afford to do so, Id spend more for the Innovation lines added cushioning. But for someone like my husband, who just wants something adjustable and comfortable enough to sleep on, a less-expensive p6 would do just fine.

The i8 comes with 6 inches of foam and a temperature-balancing surface , and it felt pleasantly pillowy. The i10, with its additional inch of foam, was just a tad fluffier. Like the pSE from the companys Performance line, the iLE is not a typical fixture in-store, and it, too, has the ClimaTemp foam, described by the company as softer and more cooling.

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Sleep Number Company Overview

Sleep Numbers reputation precedes themthey are ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses according to J.D. Power in 2018. For 30 years they have been providing quality, individualized, and customizable sleep for millions of people using the idea of a Sleep Number.

The Sleep Number is the firmness level you can achieve using the remote attached to your mattress. Choose between 100 different levels of firmness and comfort. The best part? You and your sleep partner can have completely different numbers!

Interestingly enough, Sleep Number is a mostly DTC brand, meaning they cut out the middleman that drives prices high. All of their beds are made in the U.S. and are sold in stores across the country. To find a store near you, use their locator.

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Performance Series Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Innovation Series Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Memory Foam Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Value Bed

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Sleep Number Mattress Lineup

As we mentioned earlier, Sleep Number mattresses fall into 1 of 2 categories. The 360® Smart Bed collection, made up of the following 4 series: Classic, Performance, Innovation, and Memory Foam, providing a total of 9 mattress options in total. The Value Bed collection is Sleep Numbers other product line which includes the S1 and the S3. With so many options available it might feel overwhelming making a purchasing decision so keep reading to see how these models compare!

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Overall Comfort And Feel

These beds will feel similar, but the c4 model has the 1.5 inches of comfort foam, so will naturally feel a little softer. This comfort layer is designed to contour and support your head, neck, and back, so if you specifically need extra support in those areas, you might get more plush support from the c4. Based on customer reviews, many commented on the soft mattress cover of the c4 model as well. That said, the firmness of any Sleep Number bed is also controlled by the air chambers themselves and what your Sleep Number is. Said otherwise: Both beds will feel firm and sturdy. With there being a $700 difference between both beds, youll need to really evaluate how much the comfort layer is worth.

Similarities Between Sleep Number C2 And C4

Sleep Number Bed Review C4 For 2020. My Opinion. How I Did It. Love it?

Well start by establishing what the two options have in common. First, both of these mattresses are part of the Sleep Number Classic range. Theyre longstanding, consistently popular mattresses.

Here are some of the other similarities between Sleep Number C2 vs. C4:

  • Both mattresses come with a fully adjustable system and a remote control. You can easily adjust the bed according to your personal preferences to make sure you get the best sleep.
  • Both mattresses are firm, which gives you adequate support for your entire body and improves the alignment of your spine, shoulders, and neck. This makes them both excellent mattresses for side sleepers, but theyll also work well for people who enjoy other sleeping positions.
  • Both options come with an extended 25-year limited warranty. This protects your investment against factory defects. For the first two years, the warranty covers all repair or replacement costs due to manufacturing defects. After that, taking advantage of the warranty may require additional payments.
  • Both mattresses offer an optional add-on that allows you to integrate your mattress with the Sleep Number Sleep IQ system. This system provides you with valuable information about your sleeping habits.

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Sleep Number C2 And C4 Mattresses: A Comprehensive Overview

Every sleeping connoisseur knows that mattresses should have one of two core qualities: firmness or softness. Generally, people have to choose one over the other when buying their bedding option by looking for the right mattress. However, Sleep Numbers air bed collection makes it accessible for people to adjust the right mattress, all with a touch of a button.

Sleep Numbers 360 Smart Beds classic series offers adjustable air beds to sleepers at an affordable price range. Its C2 and C4 models have dual-air chamber support core, allowing different firmness levels by simply adding or removing air with just one touch. If youre considering whether you should buy the C2 and C4 models for your home, this comprehensive overview is for you.

In this review, well evaluate Sleep Numbers C2 and C4 models on three essential qualities you need to consider:

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The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Classic Series

The under-$1,500 Classic Series is Sleep Numbers entry-level offering, and the mattresses in this line sure feel like it. The 8-inch c2 reminds me of a dormitory bednot surprising, since it contains only 2 inches of foam the rest of the mattress is made up of air encased in the bladder. The c4 has an inch more foam, for a total of 9 inches, and feels only slightly less institutional theres nothing cuddly about it. Unless youre used to sleeping on a mat or you plan on springing for a good mattress topper, we dont recommend this series.

In 2020, Sleep Number updated its 360 Smart Beds, adding temperature-balancing featuresincluding high air-flow fabrics and gel materialsmeant to make the mattresses feel cooler and more breathable.

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Is Sleep Number The Best Mattress

Sleep Number is one of the most well known mattress brands and has good scores from customers on initial comfort with its number firmness technology. However, there are some complaints about durability on the electronics, pumps, and air technology, which cause customers concern about value over time.

Final Thoughts On Sleep Number C2 Vs C4

Sleep Number c2 vs c4: What

So, now you know the pros and cons its time for you to decide who wins between Sleep number C2 vs C4.

Both mattresses share similar features that make them great for couples and for those who generally like the idea of a firm but adjustable air mattress. However, the C2 is better for back sleepers on a budget, while the C4 is a good option for those who need a little extra comfort and support.

With any luck, youll be able to choose the best mattress for your needs. So good luck and goodnight.

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What We Think About Sleep Number Mattresses

In general, we think you can get a more comfortable mattress for a lot less. But if you insist on Sleep Numbers adjustability because you and your partner cant compromise on a firmness level, and you have a flexible budget, we think only the Performance Series and Innovation Series mattresses and the Cooling Memory Foam mattress are worth considering. The less expensive Classic Series mattresses and the Value Bed lines are just too thin for most people. If you like a plush mattress with good support, then you should spend more for the Innovation Series beds, which have thicker cushioning.

Beyond SleepIQ, Sleep Numbers marketing also touts technology that claims to help you fall asleep faster with a foot-warming feature. You can also theoretically control your partners snoring by raising the upper portion of their side of the bed. However, these features are available only with the companys adjustable bases , which cost between $1,200 and $2,400 for a queen.

Heres how the mattresses themselves compare to one another:

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