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Split King Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Sleep Number Reviews Pros Cons And Ratings Of Sleep Number Beds

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Our Sleep Number Reviews are unique because we discuss both the positives and negatives of Sleep Number beds. On this page, we initially provide an overview of Sleep Number adjustable beds as a brand, and then move on to provide detailed Sleep Number reviews on all 11 Sleep Number beds. Details on individual Sleep Number bed reviews for the Legacy, Classic, Performance and Innovation series have been provided towards the latter part of this page.

Sleep Number adjustable beds are a must have for some of us but not for others

Making Sense Of Sleep Number

Sleep Number offers two lines of mattresses: the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line and the Sleep Number Value Bed line.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line consists of four series, most of which include several models:

From a design standpoint, Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds and Value Beds are similar to any other mattresses: Each contains an upper comfort portion made of foam layers and a lower support portion. Instead of the foam or springs found in the lower support portion of conventional mattresses, in Sleep Number mattresses, that support portion consists of an adjustable air chamber and a support pad. These air chambers make it possible for couples to independently adjust firmness levels to their own liking. Theres also a sleep tracker inside the bed.

Heres how the key components work:

The air chamber allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattressyour sleep settingsby filling the chamber with more or less air. The settings range from 5 to 100 you can adjust them in increments of 5 using the SleepIQ app on your phone or tablet, or with a remote . With the 360 Smart Beds, the tissue-boxsized pump is incorporated into a base , which pairs with the mattress. If you dont purchase the base, the pump will sit on the floor.

Possible Sleep Number 360 P6 Smart Bed Considerations:

  • Want a traditional mattress Smart bed companies are adding innovations to make people’s sleep more comfortable and their lives more convenient. Still, some people enjoy the simplicity of a traditional mattress. Those who arent as tech-savvy may prefer to stick to the basics. If you’re interested, you can see our top-rated mattress picks.
  • Want a year-long sleep trial This brand offers a generous 100-night sleep trial. However, some other brands offer a full 365 days, which is considerably longer. We think 100 nights is plenty of time to decide if you like a product, but some may want more.

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Cons Of Sleep Number Performance Series Beds

It can be Expensive

Sleep Number Performance Beds arent cheap. Lets be honest, not everyone can afford them. Expect to pay up to $5000 when you can buy a high-quality mattress for 1/10th the price from online dealers like or Despite the expensive price tag, its features make it worth considering. You may get a 100 day free trial so that you can give it a try and see the difference with your existing mattress!

Durability issues

There are more than a few Sleep Number complaints floating around the internet. Then again, you need to understand that there will be complaints against almost everything on the internet. Nothing is perfect however, if more than 5% of the buyers give a 1 out of 5 star rating, we want you to be cautious.

Since Sleep Number beds are air mattresses, its only natural that theyll have durability issues like air leaks and sinking/trenches with time. The only problem is that if youve spent $4000 on a mattress, you wouldnt feel good about throwing it away after a few years. But if youve spent only $500 on the mattress, you wont feel as bad if you had to throw it away after a few years.

Tech issues

Tailor Each Mattress To Fit Individual Needs

Sleep Number Split King Adjustable Bed

Oftentimes, partners need different things from their beds, and couples can finetune a split adjustable bed just for them. For example, one person could be a side sleeper who needs more cushioning around the shoulders and hips, while their partner may be a stomach sleeper who requires a firmer feel to avoid sinking into the mattress at the midsection. In that case, the side sleeper could use a soft mattress topper or even a softer mattress on their side of the split king.

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How To Choose A Split King Adjustable Bed

When choosing a split king adjustable bed, there are a few important factors to consider. Do you have two compatible twin XL mattresses to use with a split king base? If not, youll need to purchase them.

Youll also need to consider the adjustable beds weight limit, assembly, your budget, and the warranty. The trial period may also be a factor in your decision.

The Most Popular Sleep Number

The most popular Sleep Number is in the 35-40 range. When I asked a representative why this is range is so popular, I was told: Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most.

Sleep Number also told us that, in terms of models, some common options are the C2 for the price point, P5 for the best value, and I8 for best comfort and the added cooling.

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Why Buy A Sleep Number Bed

  • If you’re looking for a durable air bed, then buy Sleep Number! Sleep Number Beds are known to last and are available in affordable pricing.
  • Stay cool with Sleep Number beds. Some models contain a temperature balancing sleep surface.
  • You have a sleep partner and are looking for good motion transfer and edge support. Sleep Number beds have 4 foam walls around the edges which provide substantial edge support. Motion transfer is almost non-existent.
  • The Best Smart Beds Of 2020 According To Sleep Experts

    Pros & Cons of Split King Adjustable Bed

    Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep most people at home, there may be one beneficial side effect Americans are overturning the nations reputation for chronic sleep deprivation and sleeping almost 20 percent longer. Whether or not you fall in that category, you may be considering how you can improve your sleep environment. After all, good sleep is essential to keeping healthy and reduce stress, especially during high-anxiety periods that can disrupt many routines. Can a smart bed or high-tech mattress help you on the journey to the land of nod? We consulted sleep experts, including a sleep physician, researcher and coach on how to choose a smart bed that works for your needs.

    One size does not fit all. For the best support, a mattress should conform to your weight and form, with different amounts of density where the body is heavier or lighter

    Bert Jacobson, head of the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation, Oklahoma State University

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    What Is The Best Way To Care For The Sleep Number P5 Mattress

    Due to its specific comfort layer, the Sleep Number P5 is a no-flip mattress, but it comes with a 25-year limited warranty that guarantees full use and value.

    Rotating and flipping the comfort layer and the foam components of the P5 multiple times per year is typically required to prevent it from sagging and maintain and maximize its long life span.

    As for typical cleaning of the mattress, using cool sparkling water and a mild soft detergent is required, and gentle rubbing and circular motions.

    Do not machine wash or dry clean the cover since this will cause shrinking and damage.

    In addition, do not saturate the cover or mattress or use any type of stain guard, which will result in heavy discoloring. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the proper maintenance of the different mattresses in the Sleep Number core line, talk to a customer service representative.

    Best Flippable Split King Mattress

    The Plank Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

    • Price: $
    • Type: Foam
    • Height: 11.5 inches

    The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding is also only available in a split California king and not a regular split king.

    You have the option of adding a cooling top panel and, like the Signature Hybrid, you can try this one out for 120 nights, too.

    Whats different? Its flippable, so you can choose your firmness level . The flat design is meant to provide an optimal surface for your spine.

    It may be a good pick for people who love a firm sleep surface or who primarily sleep on their back or stomach.

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    Sleep Number C2 Bed Review Highlights

    The Sleep Number C2 is Sleep Numbers entry-level mattress, delivering their cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. With just 2 of gel-infused foam atop the air chambers, its also one of the firmestSleep Number mattresses. In this review, well break down everything you need to know to decide if this smart bed is a good fit.

    Sleep Number Pse Mattress Review

    Sleep Number Split King Adjustable Bed

    Here are the major features of the Sleep Number pSE bed:

    • At 10, its thickness is identical to that on the p5
    • The relatively broad firmness reading of 5 7.5 places it in a unique class altogether. This broad adjustability allows you to change the firmness from medium all the way to firm. In other words, if you like em firm or youre a back sleeper, the pSE is what youre looking for.
    • At ~$2800 for a queen size, it is one of the more expensive mattresses available in the market.
    • Similar to the p6, it has all of the Dual Air, Sleep IQ, and Responsive Air Technologies. But it has something unique in the Performance Series which is known as Temperature Balancing. This makes the mattress absorb your body heat when youre hot and release heat when youre too cold. That is just unbelievable!

    Image courtesy:

    Unlike other air mattresses out there, the Performance Series beds have a special and unique place in the air mattress/air bed market. With the high level of comfort and durability, it has become one of the leading solutions consumers cant afford to ignore. For those who dont have enough knowledge about beds and are looking for a high-tech mattress with adjustable firmness, this Sleep Number Performance review can be immensely helpful. Are you ready? Take a look at the following:

    Before we get into the detailed review, let us run you through the three different models available from the Performance series. They are:

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    How Do You Keep Two Twin Xl Mattresses From Separating

    To keep a two twin XL mattresses from separating, can attach bed straps to the bases of both mattresses, preventing the beds from sliding apart. Also, some manufacturers send iron plate connectors with split king mattresses to keep the twin XL bed together. Non-slip mattress pads can also create more friction between the bed and the foundation to prevent a gap between the mattresses.

    Support & Motion Isolation

    Sleep Number beds ensure youâll be supported well by providing consistent support from center to edge. They’ve great edge support due to four foam border walls.

    Sleep Number beds have little to no motion transfer as well. They’re described as feeling sturdy and stable.

    We found that Sleep Number mattresses are an excellent choice for couples. They allow you to adjust each side to each person’s specific firmness needs. Aside from this, the low motion transfer and excellent edge support make it ideal for couples too. Overall, we find Sleep Number beds are worth it as far investment.

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    Delivery Warranty And Returns

    The Value Bed line ships free via UPS. Other lines can be delivered in-person for $200. You can pick a day and time window based on availability, and, if all works well, Sleep Numbers Comfort Service Home Delivery service team stops by with your mattress, configures the air pumps and app, and shows you how everything works. However, the delivery team missed my window twice because of New York City traffic . I received my bed on the third try, only to find out that I had been given a one-chamber instead of a two-chamber mattress, as requested. For my re-order, with the help of the Sleep Number public relations team, I was able to confirm a morning delivery and received the correct mattress without a hitch. To be fair, despite my experience, customer service wasnt a big pain point among the user reviews we analyzed.

    Theres a 100-night free trial for all new Sleep Number mattresses, but you need to sleep on one for 30 nights before filing for a return. Plus, if you decide to return the mattress, theres at least a $200 fee to cover transportation costs. If you ordered an adjustable base with your mattress, that base cannot be returned.

    Those Who Want A Firm Mattress

    Best Split King Adjustable Beds-Reviewing the beds and features!

    The I-10 is made up of several layers, including a 2 foam base pad, 4 of PlushFit foam and memory foam and 2 of Hypersoft Quilting Foam sewn into the duvet style mattress top. While memory foam is a denser foam, so many layers in between the top of the mattress and the air chamber make the mattress naturally less firm than more standard models like the C-2 or C-4.

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    Sleep Number C2 Bed Warranty

    The Sleep Number C2 comes with a 25-year warranty thats prorated after two years. What this means is that any defects in materials or workmanship is covered fully for two years. After that period, you will be responsible for a portion of the cost to repair or replace your mattress.

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    Before You Buy A Mattress

    Size: you may only have a double now but with the expense of a mattress, consider if the size of the mattress is the size you want to be in long term. We started out on a queen but chose to upgrade to a King about 5 years ago and its been the best decision I could have made. I did have to invest in a new bed frame, but having that extra space at night is amazing

    Health concerns: My husband has arthritis so finding the right mattress to help his knees and back is priority #1

    Return: Understand trial periods and returns should the mattress not work out. Some are short and some are a long period-

    Understand the TYPE of mattress you are purchasing: Is it coils? Memory foam? Air?

    Cost: everyone has a budget and it helps to know yours before you start shopping. Mattresses are often expensive purchases, even if not done often, so expect to spend a little more up front

    Warranty Know the warranty of the company and what is covered under that. From bed sagging to parts coming apart, its better to understand up front if you need to register and what type of paperwork you need to have in place should you need a warranty

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    Sleep Positions And Body Type

    A sleeper can experience pain with a plush mattress when their perfect firmness is a firm mattress. To avoid getting the wrong firmness, consider your preferred sleep position and body type.

    The best mattresses for side sleepers are plush to medium in firmness, as these beds can alleviate pressure points and pain.

    If you need a comfortable mattress for back sleeping, youll likely prefer something medium to medium-firm. A firmer mattress prevents the hips from sinking below the stomach, leading to herniated discs, sciatica, and lower back pain.

    The best mattresses for stomach sleepers are firm, as firm beds prevent back pain in this sleeping position. Firm mattress materials prevent the sleepers hips and shoulder from bowing into the bed, causing misalignment.

    Light people dont have the weight to sink into a firm mattress. A soft mattress contours to petite sleepers to compensate for the lack of pressure, offering conformability and pressure relief.

    Heavy people sink just enough into firm mattresses enough that the mattress conforms closely and relieves pressure points. Heavy people should avoid sleeping on overly soft mattresses as the hips and shoulders could sink, causing spinal misalignment and pain.

    What To Look For In An Adjustable Bed

    Sleep Number Split King Adjustable Bed

    While mattress shopping, be wary of advertisements referring to an adjustable bed as perfect for any sleeper or the best on the market. Instead, look for more concrete information about your potential purchase, including mattress compatibility, weight limit, assembly, price, and warranties.

    Mattress Compatibility

    Split king adjustable beds consist of two twin XL mattresses. Most twin XL mattresses are designed to work with adjustable beds. However, some bed types bend more readily than others, which is crucial to adjustability. We recommend using latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses because theyre typically the most flexible. If you plan to use mattresses you already own, make sure your adjustable bed can accommodate them.

    Weight Limit

    Refer to the weight limit before purchasing an adjustable bed to ensure that its strong enough for your needs. Remember to factor in both mattress weight and body weight. While most well-built adjustable beds can easily handle several hundred pounds, lower-end frames may be constructed with lightweight materials that arent as sturdy.


    Some adjustable bed models are more difficult to assemble than others. Mattress companies often recommend that at least two people assemble a base, due to its weight. Those who dont want to assemble the bed themselves should consider buying from a company that includes White Glove delivery, which means theyll set it up for you.



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