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Plush Or Medium Mattress For Side Sleeper

Best Mattress Topper: Sleep Innovations 4

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers (2021) – Counting Down The Top 10!

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to adapt your current mattress into something more side sleeper-friendly: you bought a spring mattress but wish youd bought memory foam you have a new or recent injury that needs more support you want to squeeze a little more life out of the one you have before buying a new one or you simply dont have the funds to invest in a new mattress any time soon.

Whatever the reason, we have the solutionthis gel memory foam mattress topper by Sleep Innovations, which turns your current mattress into a cushier, cozier version of itself. Like a massively fluffy mattress pad, this topper is one part quilted fiber fill and one part cloud-like memory foam. The dual layers combine to give you a four-inch boost of comfortable support .

This topper is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year limited warranty, so if youre unhappy with it for any reason or find that either part of the topperthe gel foam or the fiber fill coverdoesnt last as long as it should, you can contact Sleep Innovations for assistance.

Types Of Medium Firm Mattresses

How a mattress performs is affected by its construction. There are five common mattress types: hybrid, innerspring, foam, latex, and airbed. Each mattress type offers a unique set of benefits and drawbacks for different sleeping positions and weight ranges.

Each mattress category shares certain characteristics that can give you an idea of how it will feel. However, different brands and models can differ widely in terms of quality and construction, so shoppers should still research the details of a mattress before buying.

What Is A Plush Mattress: Faq

Is Plush The Softest Mattress?

Short answer: not necessarily.

As explained above, a plush mattress might well be a very soft mattress, but it might be a firm mattress with soft materials at the very top.

I think it would be helpful if mattresses that come in at the lower end of the mattress comfort scale were described as soft rather than plush as this could help clear up some confusion!

If you want more information on two great soft mattresses, read my reviews of the flippable Layla Foam Mattress here and the popular Helix Moonlight Hybrid here.

Is A Plush Mattress Good For Your Back?

The answer here depends on you, and your needs.

Chiropractors recommend that you choose a mattress that offers the best support for your spine. What does that mean? It means finding one that offers the right amount of contour and support. It doesnt mean a firm mattress is your only choice, and it doesnt rule out a soft mattress.

If youre a lighter person, youll need a soft mattress to get enough contouring. If youre an average weight, youll need something with more of a medium feel. If you are heavier, youll need a firm mattress.

Once youve figured out how much support you need, you can then decide if you want a plush version of that mattress by looking for luxury depth mattresses or ones with extra pillow tops. These are the things that will make the mattress feel plush at a medium or high firmness level.

Is A Plush Mattress Good For Side Sleepers?

A soft mattress is good for:

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Is A Plush Mattress Good For Your Back

Many specialists warn against getting a plush mattress because it can lead to back problems. However, it isnt as simple as that. Some people have no problems sleeping on a plush mattress, but sleeping on a bed thats too soft can cause your spine to fall out of alignment throughout the night. Conversely, a soft mattress can provide adequate support for a child or lightweight adult.

How Can You Tell If Your Mattress Is The Wrong Firmness

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers 2021

If you constantly wake up tired, in pain, or are unable to get comfortable and fall asleep at night, your mattress might be the incorrect firmness for you. If you know your mattress is getting old, it mightve softened up with time and gotten lumpy, meaning its no longer properly supporting you. A bed that’s grown too soft or too firm is one of the major signs it’s time to replace a mattress.

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Layla Mattress Plush Or Medium Mattress For Side Sleeper

  • The double-sided Layla mattress that permits sleepers to select in between different firmness levels, depending on which side they choose to face up. Layla bed mattress senses, that is different than you have actually ever felt. It also lets you keep cool, and bounce back incredibly fast.
  • The comfort layer for the milder side of the bed mattress includes 3 inches of copper instilled memory foam . This memory foam layer is relatively thick. This offers you pressure relief, as it enables you to sink in.
  • Layla mattress has a 4 month sleep trial, along side a life time warranty. Considering that the majority of brands only have a 10 year service warranty, this is a significant selling point for Layla.

Best Pillows For Front

Front-sleepers and back-sleepers are very similar in needs when it comes to pillows. This is because your neck and shoulders should mostly be aligned with your spine when you sleep like this. The main difference between these two sleeping types is that if you’re a front-sleeper, you should have a flatter pillow to maintain a good posture.

As you are putting more pressure on your pillow by sleeping on your stomach, you want a pillow that you can fully sink into. This helps to ensure your spinal alignment is healthy. So, you should try to look out for pillows with the following firmnesses:

This means that you can experience plush comfort with great support!

We’ve listed some of the best comfort fillings for front-sleepers below:

  • Feather and down
    Feather and down pillows are great for sinking into after a long day and the fillings will adjust as you move in the night.
  • Hollowfibre
    Hollowfibre pillows are budget friendly and they are much thinner than other pillow types.
  • Memory foam
    Memory foam pillows will provide amazing support and will mould to your shape as you sleep, making them ideal for front-sleepers.
  • Latex
    Latex pillows are super responsive and will maintain their shape, so you can enjoy the cosiness of these pillows for years to come.

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What Type Of Mattresses Are Used In Luxury Hotels

One of the best parts of hotels is the luxurious beds. While the mattresses in hotels vary from brand to brand, most often use memory foam or hybrid mattresses. Some hotel chains also use innerspring mattresses and pair them with soft foam mattresses toppers to give their beds a super cloud-like feel.

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Best Firm Mattresses For Side Sleepers – Our Top 4 Picks!

Back pain, begone: Youll get a luxurious night of sleep thanks to the lumbar support properties in the WinkBeds Luxury-Firm hybrid. With a lumbar support cushion and two types of coils, this hybrid hones in on keeping the spine supported. A Euro pillow top and foam layer assist with pressure point relief to prevent joint pain. Side sleepers will especially love the range of firmness options afforded by the WinkBeds original mattress. If you like to feel hugged when side sleeping, go for the WinkBeds medium-soft firmness mattress, while side sleepers with back pain can opt for the ultra-firm versiontesters gave it an 8/10 on firmness.

We do love the give-and-take responsiveness of a hybrid innerspring mattress, however, couples might want to peek at our all-foam selections, which have higher motion isolation.

  • Material: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-soft , luxury-firm , firm , plus
  • Customer Rating: 4.8/5
  • Delivery: Delivered in 7-10 business days
  • Lifetime warranty

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Do Medium Mattresses Have A Long Lifespan

Softer mattresses tend to be prone to sagging and sinking, especially when they are slept on by individuals more than 130 pounds. Firmer mattresses are less susceptible to sinking, and their average lifespan is significantly longer.

Since medium mattresses are in-between mattresses, they will last longer than soft mattresses but may also wear down quicker than a firm bed. Usually, a quality medium bed will last up to 7 years.

Best Mattress For Overweight Sleepers

With the capacity to support up to 1,000 pounds with ease, the Brooklyn Titan Luxe was built especially for heavyweight sleepers. Mattresses that arent equipped to support extra weight are prone to sink and sag faster, which can quickly lead to a restless nights sleep. The Titan Luxe uses highly durable foam that cushions around the shoulders and hips, while over 1,000 coils keep the body boosted up. Side sleepers do need a little bit of sink to keep pressure points comfortable, and the responsive foams in this mattress do a great job of comfortably cushioning the body.

  • Material: Hybrid
  • Delivery: Delivered in 3-5 business days
  • Warranty: 10-year

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Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Side

Theres no actual best mattress for side-sleepers, but we do think people who regularly sleep in this position are likely to feel most comfortable on a medium-soft to medium mattress. It should be plush enough to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, but supportive enough to keep the spine in a roughly straight line. Because side-sleepers load their body weight onto their hips and shoulders when lying on their side, those areas press more deeply against the bed. Mattresses with a cushioned top layer may help relieve these pressure points. The mattresses we recommend in this guide are all medium-soft to medium-firm, and we think they feature sufficient cushioning in the upper layer to appeal to most side-sleepers.

Use A Mattress Pad Or Topper

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

When we said that you dont have to buy a new mattress, we also meant that you can make some other kinds of investments that will give your hips rejuvenation when you sleep on your current bed, especially if your mattress is too firm or is slowly decaying.

Mattress pads should make sleeping on any kind of mattress more convenient and are usually around 1-inch high to relieve pressure from your hips and other pressure points. On the other hand, mattress toppers can be anywhere from 2 to 4 inches high, and they help soften your otherwise firm mattress.

They are mostly made out of memory foam because of their conforming abilities to mold into the shape of your body. However, they can be made out of latex, wool, cotton, and other materials. They should make your mattress feel plusher and allow your bed to hug you to sleep in the process.

Editors notes: Keep in mind that a mattress topper wont make your existing mattress firmer. Many people who have a problem with sinking mattresses buy mattress toppers thinking it will make their mattress firmer. It might be for a time, but the topper should primarily be used to soften your bed. Sinking mattresses will resurface even with a mattress topper that will start sinking too in some time.

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Comfort Scale Ratings 9

We sometimes refer to very soft mattresses in the 9-10 range of our Comfort Scale as “cloud-like.” These mattresses use some of the softest comfort materials available, for a plush sleeping surface that you’re sure to sink into. Stomach sleepers should avoid mattresses in this category. Most back sleepers will also need something with more support. But for side sleepers and the few back sleepers who want the most pressure relief possible, this comfort range may be right for you.

  • May work for some back sleepers

  • Far too soft for stomach sleepers

  • Good for some side sleepers

Benefits Of Plush Mattresses

Considering what we know about firmness level, a plush mattress simply means that it will conform more to the shape of the sleeper rather than holding a more solid, rigid state. Though they may not be the right choice for some sleepers, well-constructed soft mattresses are still able to deliver more than enough spinal support for most.

Heres an overview of the benefits some sleepers can enjoy from a plush mattress:

  • Peak comfort You cant ignore how plush and luxurious a soft mattress feels. Cushioning and cloud-like, they seem to hug you as you sleep. As long as youre not syncing too deeply into an unsupportive mattress, chances are youll love a plush pillowtop layer.
  • Physical relief Soft mattresses have a more forgiving surface for chronically sore bodies, especially joint pain, aching muscles, and aging populations.
  • Shape-conforming support Well-designed mattresses are able to encompass both adequate support from the base up and a plush upper layer for top-down softness. When laying on softer memory foam, the parts of your body that arent necessarily flush with the mattresships, shoulders, and so oncan sink into the foam as it conforms around your curves and edges.

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Are Plush Beds Bad For You

Theres a common misconception that firm beds are good for you while plush beds are bad for you, but this is untrue. Plush beds and firm beds are simply suited for different sleepers.

If you are petite, a combination sleeper, or side sleeper, plush mattresses should offer a good level of cushioning for your needs. However, if you sleep on your stomach or back, the cushioning and sinkage may cause your spine to curve unnaturally, thus leading to pain and discomfort.

Other Good Mattresses For Side

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers (Full Reviews)

For a number of reasons, we thought the mattresses below would be unlikely to appeal to a wide variety of side-sleepers. But the ideal bed is subjective, and its possible that you might find the feel of these options appealing enough to outweigh any drawbacks.

The Tempur-Adapt appeals to side-sleepers who prefer a firmer feel along with an assertive memory-foam sink. Coils make it slightly easier to move around on, but the overall sensation is one that contours to your every curve. Tempur-Pedics special foam is 4½ pounds per cubic foot, which suggests that for most peopleincluding those who weigh more than 200 poundsthe mattress should resist sagging and body impressions . Tempur-Pedics higher-end lines offer softer options, but theyre also considerably more expensive. You can return the mattress within 90 days if you dont like it , but the shipping cost may exceed $100, depending on where you live. If you tend to shift positions a lot, youre likely better off with the Leesa Hybrid or an innerspring.

Kelli Pate contributed to this guide.

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Buyers Guide For Side Sleepers

If youre one of the roughly 65% of Americans who sleep on their side, then youll be happy to know that it is the healthiest sleeping position, according to experts! When you sleep on your side, your shoulders, spine, and pelvis remain properly aligned, which can help reduce or prevent pain in these sensitive areas. Another bonus of sleeping on your side is the resulting breath circulationside sleepers tend to snore less than back sleepers because their air passages remain more open throughout the night.

All that said, its still important to shop for a mattress that supports your particular brand of side sleeping. First, youll want to decide on the type of mattress material that best fits your personal preferences. Once youve made a decision between memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid, youll need to think about mattress firmness.

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Does Material Impact Mattress Firmness

Material can impact the feel but not firmness. This is because all types of mattresses come in a range of firmness levels. Firmness isnt determined by material but by construction. That means whether you have a memory foam mattress, a hybrid, or an innerspring mattress, you can get the firmness you want.

For example, to create a soft mattress, manufacturers will add more layers of foam or other cushioning materials for more plushness. To create a firmer mattress, manufacturers simply take away the plush materials and either substitute firmer materials or leave less cushioning between your body and the support core.

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An Option With Gel Pods That Support Your Lower Back


  • Materials: Memory foam, gel pods
  • Firmness level: Medium
  • Trial period: 100 nights

The Casper Wave mattress is a hybrid, so like many on this list, it offers the best of both worlds . However, what sets the Wave apart is its built-in gel pods, which provide gentle-yet-firm support for the waist and lower back for proper spinal alignment. Then, the uppermost layers consist of marshmallowy foam to cradle side sleepers joints.

The Wave will also keep night sweats at bay with proprietary technology that directs heat away from your body and gives the mattress a cool-to-the-touch feel. Plus, its base of foam-encased springs promotes airflow one huge plus of hybrid mattress models, in general.

What the Reviews Say: Shares one reviewer, I used to not be able to sleep on my right side due to my shoulder feeling like it wanted to pop out of the socket, but on the Wave Hybrid I sleep on either side comfortably! And, when experiencing back pain from painting their home, I would wake up and it was like my back had been freshly aligned by a chiropractor, except that it didn’t start hurting a couple hours later like a chiropractor adjustment does.

Firm Or Plush Mattress: Which Should You Choose

Continental Sleep, 10

Squishy and soft or solid and firm? Thats the question that every sleeper has to answer for themselves when it comes to selecting the right mattress.

Mattresses differ just as much as sleepers do and there is no singular degree of firmness or plushness that earns the top spot for sound sleep. Its all about personal preferencethose who want to sink into their mattress the way they sink into a warm, welcoming hug will prefer the plush qualities of a soft mattress, while those who want to rest comfortably atop theirmattress will love the supportive rigidity of a firmer bed.

So, which is the right mattress for you?

Whether you want the plush softness of our Nova Hybrid or the unwavered firmness of the Wave Hybrid, your mattresses got your back, literally.

Beyond identifying your sleeping preferences, youll want to understand the nuances of both firm and soft mattresses, and how both can be plenty supportive regardless of how squishy the materials are. In this blog, well cover the differences between a plush vs. firm mattress, the benefits of each, and what to consider when making a purchase.

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