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Sleep Number Bed I8 Vs I10

Sleep Number Vs Personal Comfort

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Everything You Need To Know!

A good nights rest can make a difference in how you feel the next day. For some people, comfort is key to a good nights sleep, while others opine that they need more than just comfort.

Whether youre looking for Sleep Number or Personal Comfort mattresses, this post will help you choose one that best suits your needs.

Sleep Number Classic Beds Reviews

The Classic Series consist of the c2 and c4 beds. In the good old days, the Classic Series was dumb. But not anymore! The c2 and c4, together with Performance and Innovation Series, are now considered smart under the category of Sleep Number 360 smart beds.

1. Sleep Number c2 Bed Review

Major Features of the c2 bed

  • Thickness: it is the thinnest at 8 thickness
  • Firmness: one of the firmest with a 6-7 reading on the firmness scale in par with the s1
  • Comfort layer: the 2 gel-infused comfort layer is only second in thinness to the s1
  • Price: $999 for a queen size bed
  • Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: Yes, yes and yes! Nowadays, even the c2 comes as a smart 360 bed!

2. Sleep Number c4 Bed

Major Features of the c4 bed

  • Thickness: at 9, the c4 is 1 taller than the c2
  • Firmness: one of the firmer Sleep Number beds with a 5-7 reading on the firmness scale. Very similar to the s3 in firmness
  • Comfort layer: it has a 3 gel-infused comfort layer
  • Price: $1499 for a queen sized Sleep Number c4 bed
  • Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: Yes, the Sleep Number c4 of 2019 is a 360 smart bed!
  • Pressure relief and Support: better than the c2 thats why the extra $500 cost!

Is Sleep Number The Best Mattress

Sleep Number is one of the most well known mattress brands and has good scores from customers on initial comfort with its number firmness technology. However, there are some complaints about durability on the electronics, pumps, and air technology, which cause customers concern about value over time.

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The Sleep Number Cooling Memory Foam

The m7 is the only Sleep Number bed that offers the hugging sensation of memory foam. If you and your sleep partner prefer a light memory-foam cradling, and if you cant agree on a firmness level, then the m7 may be a worthwhile, albeit expensive, option. However, the company doesnt divulge what, exactly, is in that foamy comfort portion, so we dont know how dense, and therefore durable, it is. The sinky-ness of the m7 is comparable to that of most online foam mattresses . It has a slight sinking sensation, but not the more-assertive curve-conforming feel of something like the Tempur-Adapt.

Sleep Number 360 I10 Smart Bed

Sleep Number i8 vs i10


  • Support Layer: 7
  • Mattress Profile: 13

Like the other Innovative models before it, the i10 boasts temperature regulating foam layers, and is designed for maximum pressure relief. This is the largest profiled bed offered by the company at 13 inches in height, and boasting a full 7 inches of support foam. Offered only in queen through California king sizes, you have the option of single, or dual control for the queen.

Who Should Buy This Bed:Created for deeper contouring, this bed is designed for heavier, larger bodies to provide support in any sleep position. It is considered the most supportive, most cooling, and largest mattresses available.

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Tips On Choosing The Right Mattress

As similar as they may seem, all mattresses are different. They have several types of construction, different types of layers and some of them even have technology integrated so they can help people understand more about the way the sleep. So how do you know which mattress is the right one for you?

Mattresses are different in terms of level of firmness. They can be plush or extra firm. They can have several levels of foam, which also contribute to their softness. Memory foam mattresses are characterized by the fact that they take the shape of your body.

Its important to determine what your physical needs are. Whats your favorite sleeping position? Do you tend to move a lot during your sleep? Do you sleep alone or with someone else? Does your sleeping partner have the same sleeping configuration as you?

Without looking to offend anyone, we have to mention that your total weight is an important factor when youre out shopping for mattresses. Thats because your weight determines how much youll sink into the mattress, which automatically means that different types of firmness levels are compatible with different types of weight categories

Determining your budget before you go shopping is also very important. Mattresses salesmen will often try to convince you to purchase the most expensive model or spend money on extras that you probably dont need.

Sleep Number I10 Smart Technology

Like ReST, the Sleep Number i10 features a mobile app that pairs with the bed. However, it does function a bit differently.

The Sleep Number app, called Sleep IQ, measures your heart rate, your breathing, as well as how often you toss and turn while you sleep. It uses a responsive air technology that keeps your sleep number at its setting, only making adjustments every half hour to hour.

This app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Sleep Numbers pump works with the WiFi in your home, instead of internally, as ReST offers.

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Air Pedic Mattress As An Option

The Selectabed Air-Pedic mattress is our go-to option for the best value despite the high pricing. It is high quality and full of amenities, justifying its competitive pricing. This airbed includes a sensitive hypergel cooling surface and a gel-filled layer for comfort and added ventilation.

In addition to the gel-infused layer, this 13.5-inch airbed features a buoyant coating that prevents you from sagging deep into the mattress. Beneath this layer, another coating holds up your curves while reducing pressure points.

This Air-pedic 800 Series also comprises a Resili-Flex support layer that helps alleviate pressure. It also features an adjustable urethane construction and numerous air systems for proper spine alignment.

The best part is the lumbar support button which enables you to adjust the mattress to different comfort levels. Connecting it with wireless Bluetooth through your smart device is also possible to fine-tune your comfort.

Finally, this mattress model includes a soft, breathable, micro-vented bamboo coating for additional airflow. This element is particularly essential to individuals who sweat at night as it aids in cooling down the body. Its also worth noting that this component is made in the United States and is certified under CertiPUR-US.

Why Buy An Air Adjustable Mattress

PRIMARY BEDROOM SUITE TOUR | modern, neutral & minimal

There are lots of reasons but perhaps the #1 reason to buy an air adjustable mattress is dual adjustability. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect mattress only to find your partner cant stand it, or vice versa. Maybe you prefer a softer mattress and your partner needs something with a bit more firmness, this makes finding a bed that suits both your needs a real challenge.

With air adjustable mattresses you can both have it your way, which makes them a top choice for couples. Maybe you sleep by yourself, or you and your partner enjoy the same sort of feelyou will still find plenty of benefit from this unique design.

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Trial Period And Returns

Sleep Number gives you 100 nights to test drive their beds. There are a lot of moving parts built into a Sleep Number bed. We would recommend you take 30 nights of sleeping before deciding whether to keep any mattress. We would recommend taking at least that amount of time for the Sleep Number. You may need some time to figure out which number/firmness at which you sleep most comfortably.

If you decide the mattress, or any of the individual layers, doesnt work for you, just initiate a return within 100 days. Sleep Number has to authorize it before you can expect a return. Once you initiate a return, you have 30 days to get it back to Sleep Number. You will pay to return your mattress. After all of that, and after your returns have arrived at Sleep Number, youll have to wait 21 days for your refund.

But you can exchange your mattress for an upgrade or downgrade. Youll have to pay the difference for the upgrade. Youll get a refund of some portion of the difference if you choose a lower-priced model.

Construction And Materials Comparison

Shopping online can make it tricky to imagine how a mattress feels, but understanding the materials and construction might give you a better idea.

Mattresses typically consist of multiple layers intended to balance conforming and support. The comfort system is the layer or layers closest to the top of the bed, which directly impacts pressure relief. Under the comfort system, the support core enhances the beds stability and limits sagging.

All-foam mattresses consist of comfort systems with memory foam, polyfoam, or latex, and the support core is crafted from high-density polyfoam. In hybrid models, the comfort system may include foam, latex, or microcoils, and the support core is made from springs. Airbeds often have a foam or latex comfort system with air chambers in their support core to personalize the beds firmness.

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Most Common Pieces Of Praise

The I-10 mattress truly is designed with couples in mind. The mattress only comes with dual air chambers, which means that each individual can control the firmness and support of his/her side of the bed. With the reverse comfort foam layer, the individual can also decide if he/she wants to sleep on memory foam or PlushFit foam.

In other reviews I read, many customers purchased the I-10 because they were suffering from pain related to injuries or aging. They liked having the ability to not only adjust their firmness and support, but also the benefits of having an Adjustable Base raising and lowering the head/feet of the bed in addition to other spa-like features.

Who Should Buy The Sleep Number 360 I:

Sleep Number i8 vs i10
  • You want the slightly more affordable option. It might be hard to really feel the difference between six and seven inches of comfort foam. If slightly less will save you a good chunk of money, the i8 might be your best bet. Additionally, if youre not sleeping with a partner, the i8 offers smaller bed sizes with just one air chamber.
  • You want a bit more firmness. The i8 is, by definition, more firm than the i10. If you want a bit more support to help with back pain, this model is the way to go.

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Can I Try Sleep Number Or Rest In

We talk about having multiple air chambers a lot when referring to adjustable air beds. With only one chamber we started to feel a hammock effect with the Sleep Number. This happens as greater amounts of weight from your midsection dispel air outwards causing sagging in the lumbar area. Conversely, with ReST we were able to independently adjust different zones of the bed, eliminating the hammock effect.

You can find Sleep Number stores in many malls throughout the nation, and while testing a bed in person can be tempting you really need to sleep on a new mattress for at least a few nights to get a good feel for it. That being said, often times you pay more to cover the costs associated with brick and mortar storefronts. Thats why many stores have turned to selling online with a great sleep trial, that way you can try it in the comfort of your own home, on your own time.

ReST also has locations available for those wishing to test the bed out in store, you check locations here.

Sleep Number I: Design And Construction

If you choose one of the smaller sizes, you will get a mattress with just one air chamber. The Queen size still has a single air chamber. With just a single air chamber, the mattress will not develop any sagging at the middle. This is why Sleep Number i8 is preferred by both single sleepers as well as couples who hate to find a sagged area at the middle of a mattress.

Sleep Number i8 has 3-inch PlushFit foam, breathable cover fabric, and 1-inch base pad.

However, a mattress with two air chambers can benefit from the companys DualAir adjustability feature. This is especially useful for couples with different sleeping preferences. With two air chambers, each person can adjust the firmness setting independently without disturbing the other persons area. Then again, the middle area where the air chambers meet tends to sag, as it is not supported by any of the air chambers. The hoses for pumping the air chambers are each 4-ft long.

Above the air chamber layer, Sleep Number i8 has a 3-thick layer of PlushFit foam. This proprietary foam is designed to provide the best contouring to relieve pressure points. To be more specific, the PlushFit foam layer has 7 specific zones that are specially designed to contour the head, shoulders, back, hips, legs, knees, and feet.

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Browse Sleep Number Customer Reviews

Going with the C2 and adding my own bells and whistles

Very grateful for Candid Reviewers advice. We were interested in the C2 after seeing the excellent rating it received from Consumer Reports, with high marks for durability, side and back sleeping. We went to the sleep number store, stuck to our plan and avoided being up- sold, and bought both the recommended fiber topper and a gel topper to experiment with once the C2 arrives. We also are using our old metal frame with a queen-size bunkie board , for a nice savings compared to the $300 foundation from sleep number. More $ for new sheets and bedding!

Not perfect but best mattress Ive had in.well ever.

I will not buy any other bed again.

Best bed I ever had. Im a big person 300 Plus poundsAt year 10 the pump went out and I calledthey still had my info and sold me a new pump at 1/2 price. Its went through 2 moves and is still great! My husband is also big so it stands up to heavy folks. Folks on the phone were friendly and helpful. Im looking now to buy my son one.

So far, So Good!

Warning: Sleep Number Beds Last Only 6 Years

I wish I had not purchased this bed since I cannot find a good sleep position and will purchase another mattress

One moth in and love it, after a few tweaks



ONLY buy the C2 mattress, no upgrades


Love the bed, hate the technology

A review 6 years in the making

Delivery / Service


Why You Should Trust Us

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As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive spent over two years covering sleep and mattresses. Im the author of Wirecutters mattress buying guide, foam mattress guide, innerspring mattress guide, and sleep tracker guide. Ive slept on dozens of different mattresses at home, sampled dozens more in-store, visited mattress factories, and attended mattress trade shows. Ive also spent countless hours interviewing dozens of sleep and mattress experts about good sleep hygiene, pressure-point relief, and proper spinal alignment in bed. For this guide, I made two visits to the Sleep Number store in New York City to try its offerings. I also slept on the Sleep Number 360 p6 in my home for about three weeks.

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What Happened After Several Live Chat Sessions

The Innovation Series of Sleep Number beds like the I-10 and the I-LE are made with several layers and specific features. Here is what happened after chatting for a while with Sleep Number Customer Service.

  • Mattress Top: All three of the mattresses in the Innovation Line all feature similar duvet.-style pillowtops. The amount of quilting foam inside each will differ. A representative told me that because the I-10 has a 15 mattress profile, it will have an additional inch of quilting foam in the top of the mattress as compared to the I-LE with a 14 mattress profile.
  • Foam Comfort Layer: Because the I-10 features 2 of denser memory foam in the reversible comfort layer, it will feel firmer overall compared to the I-LE mattress that features only regular comfort foam.
  • Cooling Features: Both mattresses offer different ways to keep people sleeping cool. The I-10 has temperature balancing material on the mattress cover, while the foam comfort layer on the I-LE is designed with breathability in mind.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Sleep Number Bed

We can confidently measure the lifespan of a bed by the warranty that comes with it. As a rule of thumb, you add a few years to the warranty to get the durability and lifespan of the mattress. Since the Sleep Number Series ships with a 15 years warranty, we know for sure that its life span extends beyond 15 years.

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Making Sense Of Sleep Number

Sleep Number offers two lines of mattresses: the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line and the Sleep Number Value Bed line.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line consists of four series, most of which include several models:

From a design standpoint, Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds and Value Beds are similar to any other mattresses: Each contains an upper comfort portion made of foam layers and a lower support portion. Instead of the foam or springs found in the lower support portion of conventional mattresses, in Sleep Number mattresses, that support portion consists of an adjustable air chamber and a support pad. These air chambers make it possible for couples to independently adjust firmness levels to their own liking. Theres also a sleep tracker inside the bed.

Heres how the key components work:

The air chamber allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattressyour sleep settingsby filling the chamber with more or less air. The settings range from 5 to 100 you can adjust them in increments of 5 using the SleepIQ app on your phone or tablet, or with a remote . With the 360 Smart Beds, the tissue-boxsized pump is incorporated into a base , which pairs with the mattress. If you dont purchase the base, the pump will sit on the floor.

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