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Best Position To Sleep With Uti

Do Baths Make A Uti Worse

The 2 Best Sleeping Positions After Hysterectomy or Prolapse Surgery

If a woman already has a UTI, taking a bath or sitting in a hot tub can increase irritation. Harsh soaps for baths and abrasive chemicals used to keep hot tubs clean can also lead to irritation. Taking baths or sitting in hot tubs wont cause UTIs, but it can irritate the skin in the groin and disrupt the pH balance. This makes it easier for the infection to occur. Fans of hot tubs should avoid staying in wet bathing suits for extended periods of time, and fans of baths should be sure to pick out a pH-balanced soap.

Can Sleeping On One Side Or The Other Relieve Gallbladder Pain

When youre experiencing gallbladder pain, you should sleep on your left side.

Sleeping or resting on your left side allows your gallbladder to freely contract and expand until the blockage of your bile duct has cleared. The theory is that this can help resolve pain.

While this is conventional wisdom, keep in mind that most of the evidence for it is anecdotal. There is currently no research that compares the pain level of different reclining positions when you are having gallbladder pain.

Uti Symptoms What To Expect From Your Doctor

Booking a doctors appointment is non-negotiable even if you follow the techniques above to gain relief from the pain and discomfort. It may be imperative to book an appointment with your primary physician immediately you notice signs of a possible UTI infection.

This can reduce the time it takes to get an appointment scheduled so you can get treatment quickly.

Possible signs of a urinary tract infection include:

  • Burning sensations when you pee
  • Frequent urge to urinate even when the bladder is not full
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Fatigue and problems maintaining balance
  • Abdominal pain and discomfort
  • Dark, cloudy, and unusual-smelling urine

Your doctor will likely ask for a urine sample to test for evidence of UTI-causing bacteria and prescribe the necessary antibiotics upon confirmation.

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When Should You Seek Medical Attention For A Uti

Always, Dr. Mueller says. Self-treatment is not a great idea. And while popular over-the-counter relief products like Azo do exist, theyre not recommended as treatment on their own. can help with some of the symptoms, Dr. Mueller explains, “but they have has no antibacterial properties. Going to your doc for a prescribed antibiotic is your best bet, along with adding in those lifestyle best practices mentioned earlier.

And if theres any indication that youre experiencing a kidney infection, like blood in your urine or pain around your torso, head to the emergency room ASAP for urgent care. This will likely require hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics.

Who Has A Higher Risk Of Getting Uti

Best Sleeping Position For Uti Pain
  • People who indulge in unhygienic intercourse have a higher risk of getting UTI
  • Menopausal women with dry tissues have a higher risk of getting UTI
  • Obese people have a higher risk of getting UTI
  • Women with multiple pregnancies history have a higher risk of getting UTI
  • Diabetic patients have a higher risk of getting UTI
  • When having sex with a new partner has a higher risk of getting UTI
  • People with a weak immune system have a higher risk of getting UTI
  • Genital abnormalities have a higher risk of getting UTI

For people who have gone through this, frequent UTI after sex can be experienced and even for anyone whose mother or sister has UTI, the chances are higher.

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Empty Your Bladder Before Bed

A UTI makes it more difficult for you to empty your bladder completely, leading to frustration and frequent bathroom trips during the night. To empty your bladder as much as possible, you can try a technique called double voiding. To carry this out, sit on the toilet right before you go to bed and empty your bladder as much as you can. Before feeling frustrated or bored, stay on the toilet for another few minutes until youre completely done. Once you have finished, try again later on perhaps on your next scheduled bathroom break, which we will cover next.

Another useful tip is to adjust your posture. As youre sitting on the toilet, lean forward slightly and rest your hands on your thighs or knees, or perhaps cup your hands together just over your knees. Sitting in this particular position can help you empty your bladder quicker.

Reduce Fluid Intake Before Bed

Staying hydrated when youre fighting an infection is always a good strategy for quicker recovery time. However, this can cause extra issues when it comes to your UTI during the night. Drinking too much right before bed can increase your urge to urinate during the night leaving you waking up and trudging to the bathroom when you should be asleep. If you can, try to restrict your fluid intake in the hours between dinner and when you go to bed.

Its worth noting that staying hydrated will not only aid in recovery for a UTI, but also help you avoid getting one in the first place. In fact, according to a Mayo Clinic urogynecology physician assistant, Felecia Fick: Its estimated that 50% of UTIs can be treated by drinking a significant amount of fluid alone.

With this being the case, we recommend that you drink plenty of water during the day when you are more likely to be active, rather than drinking it before bed when you need to stay rested.

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What Is A Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection , is a bacterial infection in the urinary tract. The infection can develop in the bladder or kidneys .

UTIs are very common in children, and can develop at any age. Among infants under the age of 12 months, UTIs are more common in boys than girls and the risk of developing a UTI is higher in uncircumcised boys than in circumcised boys.

UTIs can sometimes be difficult to diagnose in young children. It is important to diagnose and treat a UTI quickly to prevent the infection from getting worse. If left untreated, a UTI can lead to complications such as kidney damage.

What Causes A Uti

Sex and UTIs — The Doctors

A UTI is a microbial infection, which means it is caused by microbes, including, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Though bacterial pathogens, such as Escherichia coli or E. coli. are the main cause over 85% , the other microbes have also contributed to UTI cases.

E. coli. is a bacteria found in the intestine of a person and is naturally present in faecal matter. Though most of the bacteria are harmless, some may be pathogenic.

The urinary system flushes out any E. coli., however, at times it can enter into the urethra via trace amounts of faecal matter. Once they reach the lower tract , the bacteria begin to multiply.

There are several risk factors associated with an increased probability of getting a UTI, such as:


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Drink Plenty Of Fluids Before Bed

Drinking plenty of fluids helps you wash out your urinary system and flush away bacteria that cause infection. Drink at least 10 glasses of water during the day and another two glasses before bedtime. This will also help keep you from getting up every few hours to urinate, which can make it hard to get back to sleep.

How To Deal With Incontinence At Home

Anti-incontinence medications can put your bladder under control and minimize the urge to visit the bathroom. However, those pills are available on a prescription basis only. How do you deal with Incontinence when youre yet to get an appointment with your physician?

Here are a few practical steps to go about it:

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Cranberry Juice And Supplements

Thereâs probably no harm in trying, but they’re not a proven fix.

Over the years, a lot of studies have focused on a substance found in cranberries thatâs thought to prevent bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. None of these studies have shown how much of this substance it would take to help prevent UTIs.

Drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry pills is usually fine, unless you take a blood-thinning medication, a medication that affects your liver, or aspirin.

Probiotics, especially in a vaginal capsule, and D-mannose, a kind of natural sugar you can buy at health food stores, might help prevent unfriendly bacteria from growing in the urinary tract, but both need to be studied more.

You should talk to your doctor before you try cranberries or any supplements to find out the right dose and to make sure they won’t cause other problems.

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First: What Is A Uti Exactlyand How Do You Usually Treat One

Best Sleeping Position For Bladder

Essentially a UTI is a bacterial infection that can form in your urethra, bladder, or kidneys, causing unpleasant symptoms like frequent urination, a burning sensation while you pee, pelvic pain, and more.

When UTI symptoms rear their ugly head, trying to treat them yourself will only give the infection more time to spread. The longer you wait to get medical attention, the more you’re putting yourself at risk for more serious health complications.

One in five women gets a UTI at least once in her life, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

Waiting too long to start treatment can allow the infection to progress from a simple bladder infection treated with three days of oral antibiotics to a complex kidney infection requiring intravenous antibiotics, says Ekene Enemchukwu, MD, assistant professor of urology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Enemchukwu also points out that there’s also the chance you’re actually not dealing with a UTI at allanother reason to always check in with your health care provider about any concerning symptoms. “UTI-like symptoms, in the absence of bacteria, can be caused by other conditions, such as vaginal infections, STDs, kidney stones, severe constipation, and vaginal atrophy,” says Dr. Enemchukwu.

If its a typical, mild UTI, heres what your treatment will look like. These interventions can also make it easier for you to go about your day and sleep with a UTI.

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Bladder Pain From Sleeping Positions

If you awake in the morning experiencing bladder pain, you may be surprised to learn that your sleeping position could be contributing to your pain.Because this pain can lead to sleepless nights, learning the best sleeping positions to reduce strain on your bladder may give you some relief.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Dont Hold In Your Pee

Frequent bathroom visits to pee are one of the most common signs of UTIs. The urges can become so annoying that you may be tempted to hold in the urine at some point. However, that is one of the worst moves anyone can make.

Holding in urine can help the bacteria in the urinary system to thrive and multiply, leading to even higher degrees of pain and discomfort.

Sure, the frequent urges can also increase the risk of suffering incontinence but that is way better than allowing the bacteria population to continue to multiply. This may not only worsen your symptoms but can also increase the chances of having recurring infections in the future.

Ive been using the Royal Care Incontinence Pad from Amazon every time I suffer a UTI infection. Not only does it allow me to sleep worry-free but also keeps my bed surface neat and tidy.

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Adopt Regular Toilet Breaks

Even if you never wake up in the middle of the night to pee, suffering a UTI can change that rapidly. With the frequent sensation to urinate, getting up several times during the night to visit the bathroom may be a real possibility.

So why not just schedule your own time? Your smartphone alarm can be set every 2 hours or so between bedtime and the regular wake up time.

With pre-determined bathroom breaks set in stone by you, the feeling of going to bed relaxed about not soiling yourself can result in superior nighttime rest.

How To Prevent A Uti

Your pregnancy: 14 weeks

While some individuals may be at higher risk for a UTI, there are plenty of lifestyle changes you can practice to prevent infections.

  • Stay well hydrated: Drinking water will help dilute your urine and continually flush bacteria from your bladder.
  • Try cranberry juice: Some studies suggest that cranberries contain an active ingredient that can prevent bacteria like e.coli from adhering to the bladder or urinary tract. Be mindful of the ingredients, as some cranberry juices can be quite high in sugar. Look for pure cranberry juice or take a cranberry extract supplement.
  • Dont fight the urge to urinate:Urinating frequently can help flush bacteria from the bladder, and reduce your risk of recurring UTIs. Try not to hold in your pee for too long.
  • Practice good personal hygiene: Always wipe from front to back after using the bathroom to prevent the transferring of unwanted bacteria to the urethra. While menstruating, women should change tampons and pads frequently.
  • Use the bathroom immediately after sexual activity: During sexual activity, including masturbation, bacteria from the rectal area can get pushed towards the opening of the urethra. Peeing right after sexual contact helps to flush any bacteria out of the urinary system and prevents infections.
  • Switch to breathable, cotton underwear: Bacteria thrives in warm, moist environments, so avoiding synthetic, tight-fitting underwear and thongs can help prevent infections.

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Can Utis In Children Be Prevented

There are several things you can do to help prevent your child from developing a UTI:

  • Practice good hygiene to prevent the spread of bacteria from the gut to the urinary tract. When wiping a girls bottom after a poo, it is important to always wipe from front to back .
  • Being constipated can also increase the risk of developing a UTI, so if your child is constipated, see your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Make sure your child is hydrated by offering them plenty of fluids to drink.
  • Regularly change their nappy.

What Is The Treatment For A Uti

Antibiotics are the main treatment for UTIs. Treatment is usually for 3 to 7 days. This depends on several factors, including how unwell your child is and whether they have underlying kidney problems.

Encouraging your child to drink more fluid may help. You can give pain relief if your child is in discomfort. You must follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. It is dangerous to give more than the recommended dose.

The following babies and children with a UTI usually need to go to hospital for intravenous antibiotics :

  • young babies under 3 months of age
  • children who are very unwell

Your child’s symptoms should start to improve after 48 hours of antibiotic treatment.

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Key Points To Remember About Urinary Tract Infections

  • a urinary tract infection is an infection in the urine
  • UTIs are common in children
  • UTIs can cause children to have high temperatures and become unwell
  • sometimes UTIs can make children seriously ill, especially babies and young children – see your doctor or after-hours medical centre urgently if that happens
  • babies under 12 months need investigation after a UTI to see if there is anything wrong with their urinary tract

How Can I Relieve Uti Pain At Night

Best Sleeping Position For Bladder

Above we had discussed some common symptoms and how the pain level escalated in the night. Below well tell you some practical advice on how to relieve UTI pain at night. Also Read here about home remedies for UTIs.

Monitor Your Fluid Intake: Staying hydrated is the golden rule to removing urinary infection bacteria from your body. So to minimize UTI pain at night, pay attention to your liquid intake during the day. Dont consume any alcoholic, citric, or caffeinated drinks . When bedtime approaches, reduce your fluid intake.

Relax Your Sleep Position: Certain sleeping positions directly or indirectly put pressure on your pelvic area and would worsen the UTI pain. Choose the sleeping position you feel relaxes the muscles around your lower body.

Try Double Voiding: This technique includes scheduled timeframes of sitting on the toilet and trying to urinate so that you empty your bladder completely. A study revealed that double voiding may lessen the risk of urinary infection.

Opt for an Incontinence Pad: Since UTIs may result in frequent urine urges, incontinence may occur which means you may unknowingly pass urine. So use this pad so that no accidents occur while you are asleep.

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The Link Between Utis And Sex: Causes And How To Prevent Them

One common way women get urinary tract infections is by having sex. But that doesn’t mean you have to banish sex from your life to prevent painful infections.


Pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections arent the only consequences of having sex. For some women, a urinary tract infection can also be a result.

Blame it on anatomy, which makes a UTI more likely for women than for men, says Sujata Yavagal, MD, a urogynecologist at Baptist Health South Florida in Miami.

Still, it isnt inevitable that having sex will cause a UTI. Taking proper precautions can minimize your odds.

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