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Difference In Sleep Number Beds

Purple Vs Sleep Number Mattress Reviews: Which Is Best For You

Sleep Number Bed v Personal Comfort. Who Has A Better Bed?
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Purple vs Sleep Number have fulfilled many consumers currently through the last few years, and theyre just two well-known mattress companies because of powerful brand and advertising strategies, together with high-quality and advanced products.

Thus, there is no doubt that all these are two of the most significant mattress companies in the mattress industry. Within this review, well discuss the features and differences between both of these mattress brands.

Choosing Your Sleep Number Setting

Sleep Number is centered around finding your ideal sleep number setting, a number that ranges from 0 to 100. As you may have guessed, the lower the number, the less air inside the chambers, and the softer the bed will be. The higher the number, the greater the fill of air, and the firmer the bed.

While many of todays beds are geared towards providing a medium firmness, with an adjustable air bed you arent stuck with only one option. Sleep Number puts the power of control in your hands! While finding your dream sleep number setting may take some time, once you discover it, youll easily know which setting works best for you. At the same time, your partner will benefit from having their own unique sleep number setting too, eliminating the need for compromise.

Sleep Number Mattress Pricing

Sleep Number mattresses fall into the luxury mattress category. Website pricing for queen mattresses is $899 to $4,299, depending on the model. These prices dont include optional upgrades, like regular or adjustable bases.

Sleep Number mattresses are generally comparable to other luxury mattresses. A queen-size Sleep Number 360 pSE Smart Bed with an adjustable base, under-bed lighting, and a foot-warming feature is $5,198 before tax and shipping. Thats about the same price as a Tempur-Pedic mattress with similar options and upgrades.

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What Happens To Sleep Number Bed If Power Goes Out

Will my bed deflate if there is a power surge or power loss during the night? No. Your mattress will maintain its firmness, even if power is interrupted. But to help protect your Firmness Control System from power surges resulting from thunderstorms or power outages, we recommend using a surge protector.

The Best Smart Beds Of 2020 According To Sleep Experts

Sleep Number

Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep most people at home, there may be one beneficial side effect Americans are overturning the nations reputation for chronic sleep deprivation and sleeping almost 20 percent longer. Whether or not you fall in that category, you may be considering how you can improve your sleep environment. After all, good sleep is essential to keeping healthy and reduce stress, especially during high-anxiety periods that can disrupt many routines. Can a smart bed or high-tech mattress help you on the journey to the land of nod? We consulted sleep experts, including a sleep physician, researcher and coach on how to choose a smart bed that works for your needs.

One size does not fit all. For the best support, a mattress should conform to your weight and form, with different amounts of density where the body is heavier or lighter

Bert Jacobson, head of the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation, Oklahoma State University

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Most Common Pieces Of Praise

Couples and partners seem to love Sleep Number beds for their dual air chambers and ability to adjust the firmness to their desire. A lot of couples found the i8 was a really comfortable option that left both partners happy.

I read a lot of reviews from people suffering from back pain or back-related injuries who found relief with the i8 mattress. Many of them wrote reviews to talk specifically about how much the mattress and in many cases, the addition of an adjustable base helped them sleep better.

How Much Is A Sleep Number Bed Vs Tempur

The most affordable mattress by far from either brand is the entry-level Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed at $999*. By comparison, Tempurs entry-level mattress, the TEMPUR-Cloud, comes in at a regular price of $1,999*. On the high end, the Sleep Number 360 i10 Smart Bed weighs in at $5,099* while the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze is priced at $4,999*.

When factoring in the cost of the cheapest mattress with a non-adjustable foundation, the entry price is about $1,300* for a Sleep Number and $2,350* for a Tempur-Pedic. When the same entry-level mattress is paired with the most affordable adjustable base, youre looking at $2,200* for a Sleep Number Bed and $2,850* for a Tempur-Pedic. Finally, for the flagship mattress on a top-end adjustable base, you can expect to pay around $7,500* for a Sleep Number and $7,200* for a Tempur-Pedic.

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Sleep Number Brand And Reputation

The Sleep Number Corporation, based in Minneapolis, MN, manufactures Sleep Number beds in the United States. The company started life as the Select Comfort Corporation in 1987.

The main way that people can purchase a Sleep Number bed is through a Sleep Number store, of which there are more than 570 across all 50 states.

Regularly ranked highest in customer satisfaction with mattresses by J. D. Power, Sleep Number became an official Sleep + Wellness partner of the National Football League in 2018.

The company also offers consultations with sleep professionals, who can provide helpful guidance on how to sleep better.

According to company research, compared with those who slept on traditional innerspring mattresses, people who used a Sleep Number bed fell asleep faster, slept more deeply, had fewer sleep disturbances, and had more relief from back pain. However, no objective research supports these findings.

Sleep Number beds contain technology that measures a persons sleep data, including body position and temperature.

Sleep Number beds allow for automatic or manual customization of different sides of the mattress.

Generally, Sleep Number beds have the following key characteristics:

Beds in this series have the classic Sleep Number bed features, plus comfort layers to provide pressure point relief.

The mattresses in this range include:

This range of mattresses may suit people who often wake up with aches and pains.

The Sleep Number Cooling Memory Foam

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Which Bed Is Best For You??

The m7 is the only Sleep Number bed that offers the hugging sensation of memory foam. If you and your sleep partner prefer a light memory-foam cradling, and if you cant agree on a firmness level, then the m7 may be a worthwhile, albeit expensive, option. However, the company doesnt divulge what, exactly, is in that foamy comfort portion, so we dont know how dense, and therefore durable, it is. The sinky-ness of the m7 is comparable to that of most online foam mattresses . It has a slight sinking sensation, but not the more-assertive curve-conforming feel of something like the Tempur-Adapt.

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Who Might Not Want To Consider This Mattress:

  • People Who Are On A Budget. The i8 360 retails at $3599.00 for a Queen size mattress. This does include Sleep IQ Technology, but not a FlexFit adjustable base or other features. Sleep Number does sell one Queen mattress for just over $1000.00 and several for under $3000, including the popular P-5 mattress.

Ease / Difficulty Of Use

Conventional mattresses are easy to use in that you simply lie on them and no adjustment is involved. By contrast, airbeds in general including Sleep Number involve a learning curve in that you must find which setting is right for you personally. At least 30% of owners say that significant time and effort was required to find their optimal setting or “sleep number.”

Due to Sleep Number’s auto-adjusting ability, the possible need to manually change adjustment when you change position seems less likely. Due to this auto-adjusting feature, Sleep Number seems to perform better than other airbeds on this issue.

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Design Benefits & Drawbacks

So what are the benefits and drawbacks between these particular mattress designs? First, lets start with Sleep Number. A primary benefit of their design is that sleepers are able to fully customize each side of the mattress to suit their individual sleeping preferences. This is a great feature for couples with vastly different sleep needs. For example, if youre a side sleeper that needs plush but theyre a back sleeper that prefers firm. Unlike any other type of mattress, the mattress itself is adjustable, not just the base.

However, one drawback of this design is the split in the center between the air chambers. If youre a bed hog or you like to sleep in the middle of the mattress, you may wake to find yourself sinking. For the same reason, some sleepers have found that they gradually roll towards the center of the mattress if theyre on the inner edge of the air chamber. Additionally, while Sleep Number Bed has less motion transfer than a traditional inner spring mattress, sleepers will still feel more of their partners movement than they would with a Tempur-Pedic or memory foam mattress.

Sleep Trial And Returns

Sleep Number Bed Sinks in the Middle (How to Fix)  Smart ...

One of the main reasons that buying online is different from in-store is that you dont have the ability to lie down on the bed before making your purchase. Instead, you have a sleep trial during which you can use the mattress at home with the option to return it for a refund.

Most customers appreciate an in-home sleep trial because they can test out the mattress in real-world conditions for an extended time. This gives a clearer sense of whether a mattress works for you than just feeling it out for 15 minutes in a mattress store. During the trial, you can return the mattress if you arent satisfied, and that usually entails the company sending someone to pick it up from your home.

Both Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number provide a sleep trial with their mattresses.

  • Tempur-Pedic gives customers 90 nights to try the mattress at home. You are required to keep the mattress for 30 nights before initiating a return. If you decide that you dont want to keep it, there is a $175 charge for return shipping.
  • Sleep Number gives customers 100 nights for a sleep trial and requires that you keep it for 30 nights before initiating a return. The return shipping charge for Sleep Number beds ranges from $199 to $249.

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Sleep Number Warranty Vs Ghost Smartbed Comparison

According to Sleep Number, they have so much confidence in their products’ quality that they offer awarranty of up to 15 years. The company’s A+ BBB rating further enhances the warranty. This warranty period was reduced recently from the initial 25-year warranty.

Note: Sleep Number offers two distinct 15-year mattress warranties, one for what they term as Value Beds a.k.a Comfort mattresses and another one for 360 series Smart Beds. For the smart beds, the warranty covers a firmness control system and SleepIQ software and hardware.

Sleep Number warranty is prorated meaning that the company covers the replacement or repair cost only during the first year. Once this period lapses, buyers will foot part of the cost.

Here’s a summary of the Sleep Number warranty

· Day 1the day before 1st anniversary – No cost to the buyer

· 1st anniversarythe day before 11th anniversary – Buyers pay 30% + 5% for every full ownership year

· 11th anniversary to 15th anniversary Buyers pay 85%

GhostBed mattresses are covered by Nature’s Sleep industry-leading 25-yearwarranty. During this period, the company will replace or repair any mattress, component or part should it be defective because of structural defects or faulty workmanship. The warranty is subject to the company’s conditions and limitations as contained in the warranty.

Here’s a summary of the warranty

· First 10 years No cost to the buyer

Why Would Someone Pick This Model Over Other Sleep Number Mattresses

Those who choose the I-10 mattress over other Sleep Number models are couples who want all of the comfort features that Sleep Number offers.

The I-10 lets people adjust their level of support and comfort with their Sleep Number setting with its reverse foam comfort layer. They also get the benefits of cooling technology and a soft and breathable duvet-style mattress top.

Those who can afford the $5,000+ price tag would pick this mattress over others. Of all the Sleep Number models, the I-10 is the ultimate mattress for customized comfort.

Before making a final purchase decision, you should review our mattress comparisons page to compare Sleep Number to other mattress brands like Helix and Saatva.

The I-10 is a luxurious mattress option for the right couple. This mattress could be a great fit if someone prefers memory foam and another prefers regular foam mattresses. It also helps both people stay cool.

However, there was feedback from some customers that a valley created in the center of the bed between the two air chambers especially in the Split King is uncomfortable for couples trying to cuddle .

Customers who also purchased the adjustable bed felt that the separate mattresses especially in the Split King- tended to slide forward and bunch at the foot of the bed.

Click here for our all-encompassing Sleep Number review.

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How To Choose A Base For Your Sleep Number Mattress

Do you have a Sleep Number mattress or want to own one? Its the brand that offers smart bed options, customizable and adjustable models that fit multiple needs. Feel weightless as you drift off on a zero-gravity surface. Use SleepIQ technology to track your sleeping behavior. Share a split-sized version with your S.O. to personalize pressure relief on each side.

To fully enjoy all of these features, youll have to buy an adjustable bed base. In this case, you dont have to look far. The company also provides Sleep Number base choices. Fortunately, these bases fit standard bed frame sizes. If you dont want to shop separately, you can purchase one with your mattress at checkout.

This guide will help you pick the perfect match. To avoid making a costly mistake, you need to go over a few questions before you buy a base. We will also differentiate adjustable bases and modular bases. Dip into the to check out what else awaits you.

Common Complaints And Compliments

HSN | Sleep Number Mattresses 08.04.2019 – 09 AM

Here are the most common compliments and complaints about Sleep Number beds, from the customers themselves! You can also read more in my common complaints blog post.

Top Common Compliments:

Pain relief. Many happy customers said they woke up pain-free from issues that used to keep them up all night. The models that fell in middle-range firmness i6 and i8 are especially known for balancing firmness and comfort really well. In fact, an overwhelming number of people specifically spoke about back pain being alleviated. The adjustability of the bed also makes this a flexible sleep option, so if youre having any aches, moving your sleep number setting up or down could help with some of your discomforts.

Great for partners! This bed is a great option for couples, especially those who have different sleep styles and comfort or firmness preferences. The DualAir chambers feature means each side of the bed can be adjusted separately so you can sleep exactly how you want to without having to compromise with your bedmate.

Awesome technology. If you love data and technology features in your new mattress, look no further. From temperature-regulating technology to automatic adjustments in the middle of the night, to your bed measuring your sleep activity and giving you a Sleep Score, this bed is a great option for sleep nerds.

Top Common Complaints:

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Sleep Number Beds Review Overview

The Sleep Number Beds are a great option for shoppers looking for a luxurious sleep experience. Sleep Number creates many adjustable air beds that allow users to customize the firmness and support of their mattress among other customizable settings.

A Sleep Number Bed is a great choice for sleepers with specific needs. If you have specific pain points or a particular sleep disorder, you may be more sensitive to your sleep environment and benefit from being able to adjust your bed to your preferences. Keep in mind, these mattresses offer a luxury experience, so they come at a high price. For shoppers in the market for a budget mattress, you may want to look elsewhere.

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Choose Between Soft Medium

The comfort layer is thinnest on the Sleep Number c2 bed. Thats why the c2 is the firmest mattress among its siblings. The comfort layer is thickest on the Sleep Number i10 bed thats why the i10 is the softest mattress out of the lot. For now, you can remember the Firmest to Softest Sleep Number beds as c2, c4, pSE, p5, p6, iLE, i8, i7, and i10 in the descending order of firmness

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Sleep Number 360 I7 Smart Bed


  • Support Layer: 5
  • Mattress Profile: 11

The Innovative series of beds are by far some of the most favored, and include thick, temperature regulating foam blends for spinal support and a comfortable nights rest. This is the most firm of the Innovative line, and has a 5 inch foam surface as part of the overall 11 inch bed profile. The ThermaLux foam regulates temperature, while the patented Ergonomex foam flexes and contours to your body shape. It is available in a twin XL up to a California king, with the twin and full sizes only available as a single control, and the queen providing a choice of single or dual. .

Who Should Buy This Bed:If the need for a slightly firmer surface in needed, but you have trouble regulating temperature through the night, this is a choice worth considering.

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