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Sit N Sleep Mattress Warranty

Sit & Sleep Mattress In Bluffton Is Hilton Head Islands Number One Source For Tempurpedic Serta Icomfort Beautyrest And Spring Air Mattresses Family Owned And Operated Since 1982

SmartLife mattress at Sit ‘n Sleep

Sit & Sleep is the place to shop for great mattresses in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Beaufort. We carry all of the top name brands like Beautyrest, Serta iComfort, Tempurpedic, and Spring Air mattresses. We specialize in adjustable beds, pillowtops, gel memory foam, plushtops, and firm supportive mattresses. We stock everything and offer immediate delivery to Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort, and Okatie. We also carry a complete line of futons and futon accessories. Call us at 843-757-5550, or stop by our Bluffton store at 1011 Fording Island Road in the Best Buy Shopping Center!

Consider Buying A Bed In A Box

Caspers cofounders on a Casper bed. CEO Philip Krim is in the center.

We dont think of the mattress industry as a hotbed of innovation, but the last two years have seen the emergence of a new generation of direct-to-customer mattress companies. The most famous of these companies is Casper, but it faces competition from Tuft and Needle and Leesa.

These companies are all based on the same basic idea: they sell mattresses made of foam that can be compressed enough to fit in a box the size of a dorm fridge. That lowers shipping costs and makes it easier to get the bed into tight spaces. Once removed from the box, the mattress expands to its full size.

You might think a mattress that expands from a box wouldnt be very comfortable, but reviews so far have been generally positive. These mattresses use materials similar to those found in high-end memory foam beds that can cost thousands of dollars through conventional retail channels.

Casper and Leesa charge around $850 for a queen-size mattress. Tuft and Needle is even cheaper at $600. And because the companies sell their product directly to consumers via the web, theres no haggling.

To entice customers to give the mattress a try, Casper and its rivals have introduced another innovation: a free, no-hassle return policy. All three companies let you try their mattresses for free for 100 days, and then return them if youre not satisfied.

Employee Education And In

Sit n Sleep employees aim to be sleep experts. Each consultant has several months of training about sleep health and customer service. They visit factories of top mattress manufacturers to better see what goes into a mattress. Shoppers will benefit from a computer diagnostic test to find the best type of mattress for their body when shopping in stores. Stores also feature a helpful Health & Allergy Center to help shoppers achieve a good night’s sleep with a hypoallergenic pillow or mattress protector, as well as other products that protect from bed bugs.

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Whats The Future Of Mattress Technology

Some predictions for future mattress innovations and sleep technology include a mattress system that self-cleans. It may sound like science fiction, but it could be useful. In fact, the average 10-year-old mattress weighs about 30% more than it did at the time it was purchased. This is due to accumulated dead skin, dust mites and miscellaneous debris. Using technology much like todays vacuum cleaners, mattresses may someday be capable of cleaning themselves.

The future of mattress technology may also include sensors that monitor and control the heat level in the bedroom. The goal would be to keep your mattress at an ideal temperature for hot summer nights and cold winter mornings. The same mattress innovation could potentially change the temperature of the comforter and pillow so theres always a cool side.

While the future of mattress innovation is exciting, todays luxury mattresses still offer plenty of benefits. If youve had your mattress over eight years, its probably time to replace it. Sit n Sleep Mattress Superstores have everything youll need to begin sleeping soundly, all at affordable prices. Whatever mattress technology or mattress innovations the future holds, you can be sure youll find them at Sit n Sleep.

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How We Picked And Tested Innerspring Mattresses

Sit n Sleep Firm 11.5"  Mattress available sizes Twin, Full, Queen ...

Overall, innerspring mattresses are more difficult to comparison shop for than foam mattresses. They come in different firmness levels, mattress makers often offer exclusive designs to different stores, and different third-party retailers charge different prices.

To decide on what to include in our November 2019 test, we listened to readers, dug into online mattress forums, and talked to mattress experts and retailers to learn about the mattresses people are curious about and the companies insiders respect. Once we narrowed the field down to 12 brands, we asked each of them to recommend a model and feel that has wide appeal. Heres what we ended up with:

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Let Us Help Customize Your Dream Sleep Setup

The mattress buying experience can be a confusing one. You walk into store after store filled with endless white rectangles that have funny names and after laying on a few, they all start to feel the same! How on earth are you supposed to find the right one for you? Thats where we come in. Fill out our sleep analysis below, and let the sleep specialists at Mattress World Northwest help you find the perfect sleep setup for your needs, preferences, and budget.

Our goal at Mattress World Northwest is to know you by name, and give you one-on-one care that helps you find the mattress that is best for you.

â Sean Hathaway

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Think About Your Budget

When investing in a new bed or mattress you first off need to think of your budget and how much of this you want to invest in your place of sleep. As with anything, the quality you get is the quality you pay for. Instantly grabbing the cheapest mattress or bed on the market could seem like a bargain or great idea. However this will most likely be rough, uncomfortable, cheaply made and tacky. As above, you spend over a third of your life in bed, so why would you not want to invest a little bit more of your money to ensure this is comfortable and relaxing?

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Sit ‘n Sleep Alternatives

Something that a lot of folks don’t know: this is one of the most exciting times to buy a mattress. There are hundreds of brands that are coming into the market and selling direct to customers like never before and this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. If you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars.If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2021 Mattress Buying Guide!

…or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

F is for Fantastic Fred

F is for Fantastic Fred :o)I went in for a good foam mattress and tried about 8 of them. Great selection. Knowledgeable and patient sales rep.

I wouldn’t think that buying a new mattress would be so pleasant

I wouldn’t think that buying a new mattress would be so pleasant . I bought it 5 minutes before they closed the store and I am extremely happy with my purchase . Scott helped to choose one, and he was quick and made sure that I am satisfied with my purchase . I also needed to return the box spring and that was so easy to do . Thank you Scott ! 🙂

Shel Day made my day

We just purchased our new mattress

My boyfriend and I came in to get a mattress

Walked in with my girlfriend to browse

Ask for Benny

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Heavier Sleepers

Sit ‘n Sleep: Introducing King Koil!

Memory foam mattresses can be a great option for heavier sleepers since they provide joint support and encourage even weight distribution. That said, some models can actually create pressure points, especially for heavy users, leading to more pain and discomfort. If this is a concern, latex, which tends to be softer and more body-molding than traditional memory foam, may be a better option.

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Sit N Sleep Promotions & Discounts

Currently, Sit n Sleep has a Presidents sale on, where theyre offering 50% off a vast selection of their top selling products. Theyve also got a Sale page on their website thats stacked with some seriously great deals. Youll want to check it out ASAP.

Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, youll save $100 right away. The company wants you to save as much as possible and Im grateful for that!

Sit N Sleep Reviews: Three Top

As do many other well-known mattress retail stores, Sit n Sleep offers customers a pretty wide selection of beds. Among these beds, there are some truly high-end products that are worth paying extra attention to – these are the ones well be focusing on in this article, too.

Sure, we could go ahead and cover all of the different beds that the shop has in stock. Truth be told, however, thats not really worth it – focusing on the three top-level mattresses, well be able to talk about them a bit more extensively, and youd probably want to pick one of them in the store, either way.

The three beds in question are:

Since may customer Sit n Sleep reviews concentrate on these particular mattresses in question, Ill take it a step further and also tell you about the brands, in general, and what you can expect from each of the beds mentioned above.

Remember, though – if you want a truly high-end mattress, your best bet is to search for one online. There are better options available – all you need to do is check out some lists, make your choice and simply wait for your new bed to arrive at your doorstep.

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Beautyrest Black Hybrid Mattress

Beautyrest mattresses tend to work well for sleepers who like Medium and Medium soft feels, close conforming and weigh less than 230 pounds.

Reason to Buy

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are made from memory foam and come in multiple firmness options, composition, and thickness options. Theyre known for their exceptional durability and motion isolation, and their close conforming properties offer pain and pressure relief for most. Sit n Sleep carries Tempur-Adapt, Tempur-ProAdapt, Tempur-LuxeAdapt, and Tempur-Probreeze models. The only downside to a Tempur-Pedic mattress is that it can be difficult to move and some models have odor potential.

Check out our Tempur-pedic review and alternatives to learn more!

Sit N Sleeps Five Best Selling Mattresses Under $1000

sleep: sit n sleep mattress warranty

From basic mattresses to technologically advanced sleep systems, Sit n Sleep has quality mattresses to fit every body shape, comfort level preference and budget. Here are five of our best sellers, all of which are available for less than $1,000:

Sealy Good Spirits Firm Mattress. Sealy mattresses have long been known for their quality and durability, and the Good Spirits Queen Size Firm Mattress is no exception. Part of the Sealy Performance Collection, the Sealy Good Spirits Firm Mattress brings innovation and engineering together to deliver a restful nights sleep at an attractive price.

Sealys exclusive Posturepedic Technology combines 1 layers of SealySupport Firm and Ultra Firm Foam for stable, full body support, as well as added support under the heaviest part of the body where its needed most for a good nights rest. The Good Spirits 2 layer of SealyCushion Air Foam has been designed as a series of peaks and valleys that allow increased airflow, added softness and greater overall sleeping comfort.

King Koil Florence Euro Top Mattress. This best seller brings together a luxurious plush feeling with the levels of comfort and support needed for sleeping well night after night. The King Koil Luxury Florence Euro Top is the only mattress endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association for helping to promote proper spinal alignment and a better and healthier nights sleep

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Who Is Sit N Sleep For

Sit n Sleep is for folks who are in the market for furniture and mattresses at an affordable price. This company promises the lowest price on their mattresses in comparison to their competitors with so much certainty, theyll even give you a free mattress if you find a better price somewhere else.

With confidence like that radiating, I cant really say the brand is only for a select few people honestly, theyre for everyone!

What Types Of Mattresses Feature Smart Technology

Because of their inventive designs and features, smart mattresses are sometimes thought of as an entire category of their own. At the same time, though, they still technically fit within the broader mattress types that are defined based on their internal construction.

While there are five mattress types hybrid, innerspring, foam, latex, and airbed only two are frequently found with smart technology.

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The Most Popular Sleep Number

The most popular Sleep Number is in the 35-40 range. When I asked a representative why this is range is so popular, I was told: Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most.

Sleep Number also told us that, in terms of models, some common options are the C2 for the price point, P5 for the best value, and I8 for best comfort and the added cooling.

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Sealy Hybrid Premium Mattress

Sit ‘n Sleep Tempur-Pedic Breeze Sale

Sealy offers innerspring mattresses at below-average prices, and all Sealy models have relatively strong edge support and sleep cool.

Reason to Buy

Sit n Sleep carries a variety of Sealy mattresses from their Essential, Performance, and Premium collections, which range in type, size, height, and firmness. Sealy mattresses have a shopper-friendly price point, but sleepers with a partner may find that the innerspring do not isolate motion well, leading to sleep disturbances if a partner moves throughout the night. All Sealy mattresses are sold with a 10-year warranty.

Read our full Sealy Mattress Review to learn more!

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How To Store A Mattress After Moving

Last article, we discussed how to move your mattress. But do you know what to do if you dont plan on using your mattress after moving? In this article, well talk about how to store a mattress. While it may seem as simple as putting it in your garage or storage unit, there are other things to consider. So before you stash your old mattress, check out these helpful tips.

Why We Will No Longer Be A Welcoming Church

Weve decided to quit being a welcoming church. No kidding. Were giving it up. Like so many congregations, weve sunk an amazing amount of time and energy into becoming a welcoming church. We changed worship styles, trained greeters and ushers, wore name tags, brewed coffee, went to workshops on hospitality and put our friendliest people

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Search Our Wide Selection Of Bed

Sit n Sleep has a large variety of bed-in-a box mattresses that can be shipped straight to you, and plenty of beds-not-in-a-box that come with free local delivery. Many of our beds-in-a-box are hybrid mattresses that offer the ultimate in comfort and support. Check out our selection of bed-in-a-box mattresses to see which one works best for you. Soon enough, the best sleep of your life will arrive right on your doorstep.

How To Choose A Comfortable Mattress

Sit n Sleep Firm 13"  Mattress available sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King ...

A lot of consumers dont know where to begin when searching for the perfect mattress. The good news is that finding a mattress to meet your needs is fairly simple, and most mattress companies offer generous trial periods for customers.

When beginning your search, reflect on what affects your comfort level. Do you prefer a firm feel or like the structured sinkage of memory foam beds? What is your body type and sleep position? With a little thought, youll discover your top mattress needs. We make your search easier by helping you think through your options.

In this guide, well explore

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Is A Flippable Mattress More Durable

A flippable mattress is often more durable than a one-sided mattress, but this isnt always the case.

One reason that a mattress can deteriorate is because pressure is applied to the same areas night after night. Flipping regularly can prevent these patterns of wear-and-tear. To some extent, a similar effect may be achieved by rotating a one-sided mattress.

Flippable mattresses do not always mean enhanced durability, though. Ultimately, the longevity of any mattress depends on its materials, and being two-sided cant compensate for weaker components. In addition, some mattresses with reversible firmness have very thin comfort layers on one side that may be more prone to wearing out.

Of course, durability also depends on how well you care for a mattress, so its important to use a proper bed frame, avoid spills and stains, and keep pets with claws off the bed.

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