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Do You Sleep With Invisalign

You Shouldnt Wear Them If Youre Incapacitated

Invisalign Cleaning Tips and Maintenance Before Sleep

Youre naturally self-aware of what happens while you sleep. If you didnt have some awareness, youd fall out of bed every night. The same is true of whats going on with your aligners. Although its incredibly unlikely theyd slip out of place or break, chances are youd wake up right away if they ever did. However, if something interferes with your natural processes, such as alcohol or medications, you might not. In those cases, it would be more understandable to skip the aligners that night. Equally, if you suffer from a sleep condition and take sleep aids, its worthwhile to mention this to your dentist before you start treatment. Although youd probably be fine regardless, the two of you may agree traditional braces are a better fit for your needs.

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Is Invisalign Treatment Painful

Some people experience some minor discomfort for the first few days with their new Invisalign aligners.

However, this will go away after a few days as your teeth adjust to the shape of your aligner.

This is normal because each set of aligners is placing pressure to shift your teeth gradually to their desired position.

Other than that, your Invisalign aligners should feel comfortable since theyre custom made to your teeth!

Use Your Aligners Frequently

This one seems obvious, especially considering that the standard Invisalign® process clearly outlines that your trays must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day in order to be effective. However, in addition to keeping your treatment on track, frequent usage of your trays will help your teeth to better adjust to their transformation in a shorter period of time it may not be instant relief, and it may not feel better to leave them in if theyre irritating you, but it will pay off in a short amount of time! All you have to do is wait it out.

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Why Do Braces Take Longer Than Invisalign

Orthodontics isnt all about being able to flash a great smile. Youre wanting to establish healthy dental hygiene habits and end with a functional jaw without an overbite or underbite. The advantage of starting young with any kind of orthodontics is that you can influence jaw growth.

Teeth crowding, gaps between teeth, overbites and underbites can all be addressed early on, before the teeth and gums get more resistant to change. With Invisalign treatment, a nifty digital scan is taken of your teeth and gums. This is used as the blueprint for your orthodontic treatment.

When it comes to weighing up braces versus Invisalign, the treatment is based primarily on each persons unique needs. Braces are often required if more serious orthodontic treatment is needed first.

Perhaps your child has the habit of sucking their thumb and their top and bottom teeth do not line up at all. In this instance, orthodontic surgery could be required before a maintenance plan involving Invisalign comes into effect.

People who opt for braces usually wear them for anywhere between 1 and 3 years. Uneven jaw growth is addressed, along with teeth straightening. Very often with children, their teeth are still emerging and this needs to be taken into account.

The positive way of seeing this chapter in your childs life or if youre an adult considering Invisalign is that you get to instill a value system around good general oral habits.

What Is Invisalign Made Of

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign is a system that uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to move teeth into their desired position gradually. These aligners are made from advanced polyvinyl alcohol material that can be worn comfortably and discreetly while you go about your daily life.

Each aligner set is specifically designed for the patients mouth and teeth to create the best possible outcome. The Invisalign treatment plan will typically take between 12-18 months before it has been completed, and after this time, patients should have straighter teeth with less crowding!

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Aligners Are Made From Durable Plastic

Its also worth noting that the aligners are made from a tough plastic material that is designed to withstand biting forces and apply pressure to your teeth. If not for that, they wouldnt move them. Invisalign has gone so far to patent its material. Under any kind of ordinary circumstances, they will not break. Youd actually have to work pretty hard to get them to snap. The aligners are designed to be worn a couple of weeks, but theyre durable enough that some people keep their final set for years and wear them as a retainer.

Why I Chose Invisalign

My dentist had recommended this night guard for me since I clench and grind my teeth in my sleep. Apparently I have done this for years and as a result, I started to experience pain and tension in my jaw.

Additionally I wanted to straighten a crooked bottom tooth and stop a front, upper tooth from poking out further, so I figured it would be wise to take care of those issues before purchasing a night guard.

So I went to see an orthodontist that my dentist recommended. That was a bust. Not sure where to turn to next, I found a coupon in the mail from $500 off Invisalign treatment at a local orthodontist and decided I might as well go in for a consultation.

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The Effects Of Untreated Sleep Apnea

If unaddressed, sleep apnea can cause several severe health problems down the line. People suffering from this condition have an increased risk of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Worsening of ADHD symptoms
  • Headaches.

Snoring is not just what needs to be remedied when it comes to sleep apnea but rather oxygen deprivation, which can cause long-term damage.

You Shouldnt Break The Rules

INVISALIGN JOURNEY | The first day of wearing Invisalign | Pain, lisp & tips

If you dont adhere to the schedule, the results arent predictable. Theres some chance your teeth will shift back to their original positions each night and youd never make any progress. If you miss one night here and there, you probably wont have an issue, but if it becomes a habit, you will. Lastly, as long as youre taking care of them and switching them out when you should, theyre going to remain in top condition the whole time theyre in use. Its once you start edging away from the instructions that you run the risk of having trouble.

This blog is sponsored by Elgin Invisalign provider, Dr. Steve Sirin.

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Can You Wear Invisalign Braces While You Sleep

Posted January 5, 2015byDH Smile Center

Invisalign are thermoplastic braces that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. They work by placing pressure on teeth, which in turn helps the bone holding your teeth in place respond to this pressure and recede in the proper direction. As the tooth moves into this recession, bone fills in from the other side. Over time, this causes a re-alignment of the teeth.

This works best with near-constant pressure. As a result, not only can you wear Invisalign braces while you sleep, but you should!

Invisaligns manufacturer recommends that you wear your braces 20 to 22 hours a day. Ideally, you should only remove your braces to eat meals or to brush your teeth.

What Happens if You Take Invisalign Out at Night?

Taking your braces out while you sleep is a bad idea.

Without constant pressure, your braces will not work nearly as quickly. If you go too many nights without wearing Invisalign, your teeth may revert back out of alignment, and you may need to start the process all over again.

How to Know Your Teeth Are Out of Alignment

If you forget your Invisalign braces at night for a few days, for example while you are on vacation, you will notice some discomfort when wearing them again. This is a normal result of your teeth exiting alignment.

Other Restrictions on Wearing Invisalign

Although you can sleep with Invisalign, there are some steps you need to take in order to keep your braces, and your teeth, in good shape.

Does Invisalign Make Your Lips Bigger

It’s important to understand that since Invisalign is not a cosmetic lip treatment, it will not increase the size of your lips. However, while you are undergoing Invisalign treatment, you may find that your lips appear bigger. This is because your lips will be lying on top of an appliance and look fuller as a result.

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Sleeping With Your Invisalign Tray

Invisalign treatment requires 22 out of 24 hours of wear per day. That only time the Invisalign aligners should be out of your mouth is when you are eating, drinking anything but water, and brushing your teeth. That means that Invisalign must be worn during the overnight hours to procure proper teeth positioning. Sleeping with a foreign device in your mouth may seem awkward at first, but before you know it, it will become perfectly natural, and you will drift off to sleep as easily as you did before you started your teeth straightening regime.

For the first few nights, as your device settles perfectly into place, your mouth may remain slightly open while sleeping, and you may notice an increase in nighttime salivating/ drooling.To help alleviate this, Dr. Weber recommends to sleep facing upward, with head elevated. It is also a good idea to keep a glass of water by your bedside to combat any dry mouth you might experience as a result of your mouth being slightly ajar.

The increased nighttime drooling and initial discomfort are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things, and the amazing smile you achieve with Invisalign will make it all worthwhile in the end. In addition to allowing for optimal straightening, wearing your Invisalign braces at night will also provide a barrier between teeth, protecting them from destructive nightly grinding. This protective feature adds an additional benefit over metal braces.

Do You Wear Rubber Bands With Your Invisalign Aligners

Dentist Yeronga Guide: Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign® treatment offers a clear path to a brilliant, straight smile. It is an innovative orthodontic solution to have a more attractive, healthier smile without the need for traditional braces. Invisalign clear aligners offer a customized and convenient option for teens and adults who want a better smile. However, will you have to wear elastics or “rubber bands” at any point in time during Invisalign treatment? Invisalign elastics are not needed for every patient but can be a valuable part of the process when necessary to help correct misaligned, crowded, or crooked teeth. Dr. Kevin Boulard and the team at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH offer this discreet, easy orthodontic option and are excited to share more about how it works.

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What Cant You Do With Invisalign

What you cant do with Invisalign is drink acidic beverages, such as orange juice or other citrus drinks. Citrus fruits contain a high level of acid that will wear away at the enamel on your teeth and cause increased sensitivity to hot and cold liquids. Its also important not to consume too much sugar because it will increase bacterial activity.

Cost Of Invisalign In Calgary

With a typical insurance plan, Invisalign treatment usually averages between $3000 and $5000+ out-of-pocket. After an oral exam, we would be happy to provide you with an accurate quote so you can find out how much your insurance plan will cover and what your actual out-of-pocket expenses would be. Without insurance, Invisalign treatment typically costs about $4000 to $6000+.

    How do we actually determine the cost of your Invisalign treatment and why does it seem so expensive? When considering the cost of orthodontics, there are a few things to consider:
  • The current condition of your overall oral health.
  • How much your teeth need to shift.
  • The length of your treatment.

Because every smile is so different, the only way to find out for sure if Invisalign is the best solution for you and how much it will cost you out of pocket is to come in for a consultation. Tell us your personal goals for your smile, let us examine your teeth and we will tailor a personalized treatment plan that will accomplish your wants and needs. Even if youre not sure if you qualify for Invisalign because of your age, or particularly ambitious goals, it never hurts to ask. There are solutions available for you.

Dont let something like crooked teeth hinder your confidence or affect your health.

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Invisible Braces In Mill Creek Bothell Monroe And Alaska

Our clear ceramic braces are stain-resistant, durable and made from a translucent material. When paired with our thin, lightweight archwires, the streamlined, clear brackets blend in with your smile. If youre interested in invisible braces in Mill Creek, Bothell, Monroe or Alaska, these could be a good option. The clear braces are much less noticeable than their metal counterparts.

Once you get used to having your clear braces, youll barely notice theyre there. Since theyre bonded to your teeth and stay put throughout your entire treatment, you dont have to change them or take them in and out of your mouth.

Give Time In Between Insertion And Removal


We often see that it becomes hard to remove the aligners very soon after they are inserted. It especially happens with the new set of aligners trays when they are inserted for the first time.

Trying to take off the aligners will cause you more pain during this time.

So, I will suggest that you wait for an extra hour before you take them out of your mouth. This will make that process much easier and wont hurt you.

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Which Treatment Is Right For You

To discover which treatment is right for you, youll need an expert orthodontist to examine your smile closely. Then, they can see if you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign or if braces might work better. Sometimes, braces may be a better option when there are more advanced corrections needed.

Today, its never been safer or more convenient to learn about the best treatment options from home. With a free virtual consultation from Kendrick Orthodontics, you can stay home and get the answers you need.

First, youll submit some photos of your smile. Then, well reply with a free smile assessment from Dr. Kendrick. Hes a certified Invisalign provider and a board-certified orthodontist with over 40 years of experience.

Learn if Invisalign or braces are recommended. Also, find out how long treatment may take and learn about affordable financing options. Additionally, you can get answers to all your questions and then schedule your first in-person visit when you decide youre ready to begin.

Kendrick Orthodontics proudly serves our community in:

  • Kissimmee

Can I Eat And Kiss With Invisalign

You have four precious hours during which you can remove your alignersâso what you choose to do during this time is up to you, of course!

Kissing is technically not a problem with Invisalign, assuming that your partner doesnât mind the aligners, but you can also take them out and pop them back in later if you need to.

Eating, on the other hand, is much easier without Invisalign, as the sharpness of your teeth is dulled by the aligners. Just be sure that if you take the aligners out before you eat, you clean your teeth thoroughly before putting them back in. You donât want to trap food underneath the aligners for too long.

Drinking with the aligners is absolutely fine, even hot beverages like tea and coffee â despite what some naysayers would have you believe. The worst case scenario is a bit of staining on one of your aligners, but since youâre changing them out every two weeks, thatâs not the end of the world.

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How Long Should I Wear My Retainer A Day

Now that you know the drawbacks of just wearing Invisalign overnight, you might be asking: Does the same hold true for a clear retainer? How long should I wear my retainer a day? When you finish your Invisalign treatment, Dr. Chan will design and print a custom clear retainer, sometimes referred to as an Invisalign retainer by patients, using our 3D printer.

When you receive your appliance, well give you retainer instructions that include how long you should wear your retainer a day. Depending on your needs, you may wear it full-time at first, keeping it in for 20 to 22 hours per day similar to your Invisalign aligners.

However, youll quickly transition to wearing your retainer just at night, once your teeth have had a chance to stabilize in their new positions. Eventually, youll only need to wear your retainer a few nights per week to maintain your Invisalign results for life.

Tomasik Family Dental Can Help Adults With Invisalign Braces

Invisalign in Midlothian, VA

If you have been putting off getting braces because you think youre too old or dont want traditional metal braces, now is the time to pick up the phone and call us at 402-1818. You can also request an appointment on our website, and well get back to you with an appointment time thats convenient for you.

Well help you determine if traditional braces or Invisalign are the right choice for you during your orthodontics consultation. Not only that, but well tell you the straight truth about Invisalign clear aligners. And before long, you, too, can be on your way to a straighter and healthier smile.

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Can You Get Invisalign If You Have Sleep Apnea

Home » Can You Get Invisalign if You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders in the United States. If you have sleep apnea, your upper airways gets repeatedly blocked during sleep and reduces or completely stops airflow. The most common symptoms of sleep apnea include loud or frequent snoring, insomnia, morning headaches, silent pauses in breathing, and daytime fatigue.

At Gladwell Orthodontics, we see many patients with sleep apnea who wonder whether they can undergo Invisalign treatment. While they may be working to treat their sleep apnea, they may be bothered by their crooked teeth and longing for a healthier, more attractive smile.

Believe it or not, Invisalign aligners may actually help sleep apnea. We can use the natural growth process of your body and Invisalign technology to increase the amount of room inside of your mouth. When we do this, we drastically improve airflow and may reduce the underlying causes of sleep apnea.

Invisalign may be just what you need to put an end to your sleep apnea and achieve the smile of your dreams. If you are interested in learning more, Dr. Gladwell will be happy to meet with you and evaluate the severity of your condition and determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign. He is experienced in orthodontic treatment for patients with sleep apnea and looks forward to meeting you.

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