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Do Sleep Number Beds Come With A Frame

Sleep Number Trial And Warranty

Sleep Number Bed – Personal Review after 2 years of use

Sleep Number offers a 100-night trial that begins the day your new mattress arrives. The company asks that you give yourself 30 nights to adjust to your new mattress.

If youre not happy after 30 nights and before the 100-night trial ends, you can contact the company to arrange a return or exchange. This is a necessary step, as Sleep Number must authorize all returns. Some accessories, including bases, cant be returned.

Shipping and delivery fees apply for any permitted returns. In some cases, the only available return shipping option may mean the product is picked up by Sleep Number at your cost. Returns cant be processed in retail stores.

Sleep Number mattresses have a 15-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use. If you have a claim during the first warranty year, you dont have to pay for repairs, but you may be responsible for shipping fees.

Costs go up significantly after the first year. Through year 11, youre responsible for paying 30 percent plus 5 percent for each year from the date of purchase if you have a claim. From year 11 to year 15, youll pay 85 percent of the costs if you have a claim.

Warranties vary for Sleep Number accessories.

Sleep Number Bed Frame Buyers Guide

Sleep Number makes a completely unique type of bed specific to your own personalized, adjustable comfort. Because of this, they need very specific support so as not to void the warranty, and to allow you to take advantage of all it has to offer. Finding a frame can be a difficult task if youre not sure you want to purchase a base direct from the company. But what many people dont realize is how many options you truly have pertaining to both the proper placement of the bed, as well as your own taste in style. Read on to help organize your thoughts in reference to the best bed frame for a Sleep Number Bed. Your options are practically endless, and you should have no problem getting exactly what you want.

How We Evaluated These Adjustable Beds

Testing adjustable beds is a rigorous, hands-on process. We evaluated each bed for range of motion, durability, noise potential, and usefulness of various features. Practical considerations like cost and ease of assembly also came into play. Our testers include people with different body types and primary sleep positions, which helps ensure our ratings will reflect the experiences of most sleepers.

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What Is A Bunkie Board

Sleep Number states that a Bunkie board is a viable option for bed frames with slats that are more than 2 inches apart. Bunkie boards are 1 to 3-inch flat barriers that sit between your mattress and the surface below the mattress.

Bunkie boards can be made out of wood, plywood, or particleboard. These boards can work with any bed frame, solid or slatted foundation. They also can be used with any box spring except for the Sleep Number mattress.

Bases Frames And Beds Oh My

Sleep Number Beds

First off, let me explain that Sleep Number offers a wide variety of base choices for proper bed support. These are fairly simple in design and color, and though theyre of excellent quality, these may not always be the first choice for many home decors. But this doesnt have to be an issue, as according to Sleep Number, all of their bases can be purchased with, or without, a frame which can actually fit within most of your own existing frames or new frame of choice. Youll always need to take careful measurements and take into account that adjustable bed features do require specific dimensions and frame types. However, owning one of their bases is not a requirement, and you can absolutely take advantage of just about any frame you have in mind with a few simple bits of helpful knowledge.

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Owner Review Feedback For Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number mattresses are typically purchased directly from Sleep Number, so thats where we found the majority of the online reviews. Out of the 34 good-quality negative user reviews we collected about the Classic Series , 10 contained complaints about issues related to a lack of cushioning. This included reviewers describing the mattress as too firm, too thin, bottoming out, or having poor pressure relief. Several reviewers pointed out that the c series is especially problematic for heavier-weight sleepers, and others noted the support felt better once they added a mattress topper.

For negative feedback on the Performance Series, we found far fewer complaints related specifically to the mattress thinness . But four out of 26 good-quality negative Innovation Series reviews noted that the mattresses were too firm or offered poor pressure relief. Perhaps this is to be expected, given that these users paid much more for their mattresses and therefore expected more. Three out of the six Cooling Memory Foam owners complained that their mattresses were either too thin, too firm, or lacked pressure relief.

When To Replace Your Box Spring

Using an older box spring in poor condition with any new mattress is not a good idea. Depending on what condition its in, you may want to replace your traditional box spring regardless of whether youre getting a new mattress.

Here are some signs that its time to replace your box spring:

The bed squeaks when you move The box spring is sagging Youve had it longer than 7-10 years

The same signs also apply to your mattress foundation. You should also replace that if some of the wooden slats are broken.

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Why The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed 2019

The demand for the adjustable base has been on the rise over recent years, as people see the value of having control of their sleep position at night with just the touch of a button to improve their nights sleep. Often associated with hospital use, the adjustable frame has come a long way over the years to serve its users in the comfort of their own homes. For sure, youve come across several mattress manufacturers that are offering an adjustable base, such as the Sleep Number adjustable bed and the Yaasa adjustable base. If you are having a hard time deciding which of the two you should get, lets compare them first.

Can A Sleep Number Mattress Go On A Regular Bed Frame

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Which Bed Is Best For You??

Sleep NumberbedSleepNumber mattressesmattresswill

. Simply so, can you put a Sleep Number mattress on a regular bed frame?

Your base will fit inside most standardfurniture, except platform furniture or furniture with underbed storage. Allow 1.5-2 between the head of the bedand headboard or bed frame to prevent obstructions frommoving. Sleep Number FlexFit Adjustable Bases come standardwith 6.5 legs.

Also Know, can you use a box spring with a Sleep Number mattress? Box springs, with actual coils usually under 2sided mattresses, do not work with mostmattresses produced and definitely not under the SleepNumber bed. If your box spring is only a year or two oldand from a major S brand, then it is likely a platform and notthe older, traditional box spring.

do you need a special base for a sleep number bed?

A Sleep Numberbed requires a firm flat surface to evenly support the airchambers inside your bed. A traditional box springdoes not provide the support required for a SleepNumber mattress.

What is the lifespan of a Sleep Number bed?

Yes, the life expectancy of the SleepNumber mattress is 20 years. Thats a big commitment. Before Iget into the details, you need to understand that a Sleep Numberbed is a glorified air mattress with 2 separate airchambers.

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Sleep Number 360 P5 Smart Bed

  • Price: $$
  • Type: adjustable air bed
  • Height: 10 inches

Designed for pressure relief, the p5 Smart Bed has a 4-inch comfort layer that contours to your body. It has all the same adjustable features as other Sleep Number mattresses.

Close to 12,000 reviews rate this mattress 4.7 out of 5 stars. Again, over 9,000 of these reviews are 5 stars. Reviewers praise the mattresss comfort and adjustability.

Unhappy customers describe the mattress as noisy and uncomfortable.

Sleep Number Bed Losing Air Replacement Air Chamber

As mentioned earlier, Sleep Number is popular for adjustable mattresses. The mattresses which are actually air beds are connected to a hose and pump making it effortless to inflate and deflate the bed to achieve the desired level of comfort.

While adjustability is a great feature to a user, it means that airflow resulting from movements can result in holes or tears that cause the bed to lose air. Such an occurrence shouldnt deny users quality sleep. Fixing the issue is possible in three ways, chief among them replacing the air chamber the other two being: checking on the firmness control system and fixing a loose hose.

Fixing or replacing an air chamber leak is somewhat more complex compared to solving a cap or hose issue. The prudent thing to do is to seek professional help at the nearestSleep Number location.

When it comes to Ghost SmartBed, it features a long-lasting, medical-grade air chamber. The air chamber has five individual zones on both sides of the mattress to ensure both partners enjoy the utmost comfort. What is for sure is that these chambers are highly customizable to the desired needs of users.

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Zinus Cloud Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress

The next of these pressure-relieving models to mention here is this one from Zinus. Zinus is a reliable brand with a lot of clever designs in their bed-in-a-box range. This version has a memory foam structure with a soft microfibre cover to help users find the ideal sleeping position. There is an 8 inch version that is a little thinner with the foam or 12 inch that offer a little more support. The majority of users seem to be impressed with the comfort and support on offer here.

The pros and cons of this Sleep Number alternative.


  • The combination of memory foam and microfibre for a soft, supportive surface
  • The addition of the natural ingredients within the foam
  • The value for money with the quality on offer


  • Too firm for everyones liking
  • The expansion process can take a very long time

The other great thing about choosing Zinus is that you get a model with their infamous biofoam construction. This means that the foam used is infused with additional ingredients to improve the sleep experience of the user. This something that you wont get with a Sleep Number model because they are more focused on tech and precision than the materials within the layers. This Cloud mattress has green tea, plant oil and charcoal to keep it smelling fresher for longer.

Why is this product such a recommendable alternative to a Sleep Number product?

Leggett And Platt Prodigy 20

Sleep Number Bed How Does It Work

TheLeggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 is another luxurious adjustable bed that makes a great alternative to the Sleep Number. It boasts these features snoring preset, smartphone remote or app, WallhuggerTM technology, full-body massage, adjustable legs, and pillow tilt.

Additionally, it features a gentle-wake alarm, sleep timer, two programmable positions, Bluetooth App and USB ports.

Its 10” cool gel foam mattress has 2-inch cooking airflow memory foam, 6-inch Reflexa foam base and 2-inch engineered latex foam.

An impressive feature of this bed is its exclusive MicroHook technology that prevents the mattress from slipping. Moreover, it eliminates the need to have a mattress retainer bar.

A host of high-tech features make it a breeze to control the feature-rich base.

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Why You Should Trust Us

As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive spent over two years covering sleep and mattresses. Im the author of Wirecutters mattress buying guide, foam mattress guide, innerspring mattress guide, and sleep tracker guide. Ive slept on dozens of different mattresses at home, sampled dozens more in-store, visited mattress factories, and attended mattress trade shows. Ive also spent countless hours interviewing dozens of sleep and mattress experts about good sleep hygiene, pressure-point relief, and proper spinal alignment in bed. For this guide, I made two visits to the Sleep Number store in New York City to try its offerings. I also slept on the Sleep Number 360 p6 in my home for about three weeks.

Sleep Number Performance P6 Vs Easy Rest Gel Lux Mattress

Shoppers in the market for a pressure-relieving, comfortable mattress have their fair share of choices, considering that every mattress type, from all-foam to airbed to hybrid, has options made with body-conforming comfort foam layers. If you struggle with back pain or pressure points, you may have considered the Sleep Number Performance p6, which has a thick, 5 polyfoam comfort layer and can range from medium-soft to firm in firmness level.

A comparable model, although not an airbed, is the Easy Rest Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It is 12 tall and features 4 of comfort foam and 1 of gel-ventilated holes for added pressure relief and cooling. Though these beds both deliver on comfort, they have discrepancies: namely, their styles and price points. A Queen size p6 costs $2,899, and a Queen size Easy Rest costs $879.

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Best Price Mattress 12

This Model H by Best Price Mattress is an all-in-one frame with headboard and footboard at a budget-friendly price. The classic metal frame is vintage-inspired, but streamlined and comes in your choice of black or white finishes. It adds 12 inches to the height of your mattress and can accommodate storage boxes up to 11 inches underneath.

If you need an exceptionally easy bed to assemble or want something flexible enough to move from room to room, this design is ideal. It arrives folded and takes just seconds to expand. Use the included Allen wrench and four bolts to secure the headboard and footboard in an upright position and youre in business.

Dont be fooled, however, by the simple construction. Its a prime example of working smarter not harder and can support a full 1200 lbs. without breaking a sweat and comes with 5-year warranty. Look for it in sizes from Twin through King including Twin XL and California King.


Can Sleep Number Beds Go On Regular Bed Frames

Sleep Number Bed Review C4 After 9 Months Of Use. DIY Sleep Number Bed For Waterbed Frame

Yes, Sleep Number Beds will fit into traditional bed frames and furniture sets. Sleep Number mattresses come in all standard industry sizes. For example, the Zinus Mia Platform Bed Frame is great for the Sleep Number Bed because it is available in multiple sizes and has a great design to compliment the Sleep Number Bed.

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Sleep Number Mattress Reviews

We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart houses, and cities, and now itâs only normal that we get smart beds instead of conventional mattresses. Sleep Number as a company isnt the first to come out with a smart bed, but they are the largest and most trustworthy of your best nightâs sleep.

They are owned by the public company Select Comfort Corporation. With many thousands of employees working at their multiple distribution centers all over the U.S, Select Comfort Corporation guarantees a restful sleep with all their core line innovation series that automatically adjust to your body and personal preference.

At first, Sleep Number beds were popular as air mattresses with air chambers that completely conformed to the sleeperâs body. You could get an adjustable air mattress with a relatively thin comfort layer, two air chambers, and a firmness control system.

The separate air chambers made the air mattress better at conforming than innerspring mattresses at the time. Nowadays, Sleep Number beds are smart beds that have come a long way from conventional mattresses. There are many Sleep Number collections with different numbering which present the firmness settings based on your preferences.

Will My Furniture Work With A Flexfit Adjustable Base

A Sleep Number 360® smart FlexFit adjustable base comes with and will fit inside most standard size bed frames. We recommend measuring your furniture to make sure there is enough space for an adjustable base.

An adjustable base cannot be combined with platform furniture or under bed storage drawers.

An adjustable base needs at least 10.25 inches to clear the height of the ledge attached to the inside of your furniture’s side rails or a width measured from cleat to cleat that is large enough to fit .

Take two measurements!

  • If your base has a ledge for slats attached to the side rails measure the height from the floor to the top of the ledge.
  • Measure the width of the bed frame at it’s most narrow point, from ledge to ledge.
    • If the height of the ledge is less than 10.25 inches the base will fit inside standard sized furniture.
    • If this measurement from ledge to ledge is larger than the , the base will fit.
    • If the ledge is taking up too much space, but there is enough space from side rail to side rail, the base needs additional height to clear the ledge.

    Extended height legs are available through customer service.

    Extended height legs are an option if the ledge is no more than 11.75 inches from the floor to the top of the ledge. This will add an additional 1-2 inches to the height of your bed.

    If the height of the ledge is above 11.75 inches your furniture will not work with a Sleep Number adjustable base.

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    Can I Put A Sleep Number Bed On My Box Spring

    Sleep Number mattresses have made it so that anyone can get a comfortable night’s sleep, and many homeowners wonder if theyre compatible with their current box spring. Unfortunately, it is not optimal to put a Sleep Number mattress on a box spring. Whether it be sagging or causing damage, lets take a look at why you cannot put a Sleep Number mattress on a box spring.

    Sleep Number beds are wildly popular for their comfort, customization ability, and their signature air chamber technology. While they are a great investment for quality sleep, its no secret that they are expensive.

    In addition to their mattresses, Sleep Number sells special bases for the mattress. These are sold separately, at varying costs. So, its understandable that some people wonder whether they need the special Sleep Number base or not.

    No, you should not put a sleep number matters on your current box spring as it requires a special base to give your mattress the support it needs. Putting your sleep number mattress on your existing box spring can cause your mattress to sag over time, ruining it. You need a proper foundation.

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