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360 Smart Bed Sleep Number

I7 Smart Bed Mattresses Vs Others

Control Your Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed With The SleepIQ® App

This bed will feel very similar to other memory foam mattresses, especially ones that are good for side sleepers. For example,Loom & Leaf mattress has a similar mattress profile with medium-to-soft firmness and an emphasis on relieving pressure. Theres also the Bear mattress which is a little more firm and great at temperature regulation to keep you from overheating. In general, if you know you want to stay cool, this bed should be added to the list of mattresses for temperature regulation.

If youre no stranger to smart beds, then this smart experience will be most similar to ReSt. This is because ReST includes their Whisper air system which is very similar to the Responsive Air system from Sleep Number. There is also Eight Sleep, which includes similar features like bed warming and integration with other smart products. Another smart bed is HiCan but doesnt have any auto-responsive technology.

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Bed Types Bases And Pricing

Sleep Number sells several different 360 Smart Beds, with queen sizes starting at $1,099 for the entry-level c2 Classic series model. The company offers its FlexFit adjustable bases starting at $1,499 for a queen.

The mattresses come in a range of industry-standard sizes that fit into traditional frames and furniture sets: twin , twin XL , full , queen , king , and California king .

All 360 Smart Beds feature DualAir adjustability, Responsive Air technology, and Sleep IQ tracking. The DualAir feature allows you to dial the firmness of each side independently, so if you like sleeping on a cloud and your partner prefers a brick, you can both have it your way. The Responsive Air feature monitors the bed’s air pressure level as you sleep, and automatically adjusts to maintain your desired firmness. The SleepIQ feature tracks your shut eye, heart rate, breathing, and more.

All three above-mentioned features are optional if you’re a solo sleeper, you can get a single-chamber mattress you adjust all at once. If you’re not a fan of the Responsive Air or sleep tracking features, you can easily disable them in the app.

The last time we reviewed a Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed, we tested the p5 Performance series model with a FlexFit 1 base, which is still on the market. A Sleep Number spokesperson tells me that the p5 is a popular model, and the company recently updated it with a new sleep surface for improved pressure relief.

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Trial Period And Returns

Sleep Number gives you 100 nights to test drive their beds. There are a lot of moving parts built into a Sleep Number bed. We would recommend you take 30 nights of sleeping before deciding whether to keep any mattress. We would recommend taking at least that amount of time for the Sleep Number. You may need some time to figure out which number/firmness at which you sleep most comfortably.

If you decide the mattress, or any of the individual layers, doesnt work for you, just initiate a return within 100 days. Sleep Number has to authorize it before you can expect a return. Once you initiate a return, you have 30 days to get it back to Sleep Number. You will pay to return your mattress. After all of that, and after your returns have arrived at Sleep Number, youll have to wait 21 days for your refund.

But you can exchange your mattress for an upgrade or downgrade. Youll have to pay the difference for the upgrade. Youll get a refund of some portion of the difference if you choose a lower-priced model.

Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review: Is it the Best of 2021?

Sleep Number c2 Mattress

Side Sleepers: Its adjustable air chamber support core makes the c2 comfortable for many side sleepers.

Sleeping on your side concentrates your body weight along that side, placing a great deal of pressure on your shoulders and hips. A mattress thats too soft can cause your shoulders and hips to sag into the beds surface, forcing the spine out of alignment. However, a mattress thats too firm does not offer enough cushioning and can create painful pressure points. Most side sleepers do well with a mattress thats medium to medium firm.

The adjustable design of the c2 allows side sleepers to determine the right level of support for them, while the 2-inch polyfoam comfort layer cushions their hips and shoulders. Most side sleepers under 230 pounds should be able to find an exceptionally comfortable setting. However, those who weigh over 230 pounds could sink through the comfort layer and press against the air chamber core, reducing the cushioning effect.

Back Sleepers: Sleeping on your back creates pressure in the lumbar area. A mattress thats too soft allows the hips to sink into the mattress excessively, disrupting spinal alignment and potentially causing back pain. However, a mattress thats too firm causes the hips to sit on top of the bed, creating a gap between the lower spine and mattress surface.

Under 130 lbs.

Sleep Number c4 Hybrid Mattress

Under 130 lbs.

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Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Bed Mattress Construction

The I8 is one of five mattresses in Sleep Numbers Smart Bed Series, which also includes the P5, P6, I7, and I10 beds. The I in I8 stands for innovation pointing to the temperature-balancing technology included in most beds in the series.

As for how theyre different, the I10 comes with a thicker layer of comfort foam, making it softer than the I7 and I8 models. As for the P series , those bed do not come with the temperature regulation built in. They are also a bit smallermaking the P5 and P6 models relatively cheaper.

Heres the exact breakdown of a Sleep Number 360® I8:

The mattress: The 360® I8 mattress has a 12 profile, which is measured from the base of the mattress to its highest loft.

The material: The mattress itself is made from a blend of polyester/polypropylene fabrics, which is known for being both soft and breathable.

Above the airbed: The top of the 360® I8 mattress is a 6 foam comfort layer made up of two different types of foam to promote contouring and support, while offering pressure relief. It also has cooling material in the surface that actually grabs heat and transfers it to the foam so the surface of the mattress stays cool to the touch.

Sizes: The 360® I8 mattress comes in five sizes, ranging from Twin Long to California King. Continue reading to see all of the sizes and how much they cost!

Modular & Adjustable Bases

Since Sleep Number is all about individualized comfort, it is not surprising that they also make different types of bases for the mattress.

Sleep Number makes one modular base and three different adjustable bases for their mattresses: FlexFit 1, FlexFit 2 and FlexFit 3.

Note: A Sleep Numbers modular or adjustable base is not the only base that works with a Sleep Number mattress. All one needs to have is a flat and sturdy surface for the mattress or the individual may potentially void his or her warranty.

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Sleep Trial And Returns

Since customers who purchase a mattress online arent able to try it first, most online mattress retailers offer a lengthy sleep trial. The sleep trial allows you to test out your new mattress at home and return it if you dont like it.

Often these sleep trials require customers to sleep on the bed for a minimum number of nights before they can return or exchange it. If a return is requested, the company may coordinate pickup and donation or recycling. In most instances, customers then receive a full refund. However, some companies may require the customer to pay return shipping charges or a restocking fee.

Sleep Number Sleep Trial and Return PolicyAll Sleep Number 360 mattresses come with a 100-day trial. Sleep Number has a mandatory 30-day break-in period before shoppers can initiate a return. The company will provide a full refund minus return delivery fees, provided the mattress is returned in good condition.

Purple Sleep Trial and Return PolicyPurple offers a 100-night sleep trial for all mattresses, but requires a 21-night mandatory break-in period. For customers who choose to return their mattress, Purple arranges pickup at no charge and coordinates donation to a local charity or recycling plant. The customer is then refunded the cost of the mattress in full, minus any original delivery fees. Customers can also elect to exchange the mattress for a different Purple model in lieu of a refund.

A Smarter Nights Sleep

How To Move a Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed With Integrated Base

The Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed keeps your body cool thanks to its temperature-balancing sleep surface, while the FlexFit 3 base warms your feet with a built-in heater. Its excellent SleepIQ companion app allows for truly customizable comfort, letting you adjust the firmness and the position of the mattress to suit your preferences. It tracks your sleep health and biometrics, and offers useful tips to help improve your shut eye. Priced at $6,198 for the mattress and base configuration we tested, it will put a dent in your bank account, but a good nights rest is crucial for health, and the Sleep Number i8 makes every night a dream, earning it our Editors Choice award.

If a Sleep Number is out of your budget, however, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress looks to be a promising alternative. It isnt adjustable like a Sleep Number, but it tracks similar sleep and health metrics, supports dual-zone heating and cooling, and can vibrate to wake you up without disturbing your partner. We havent tested it yet, but an older Eght Sleep model scored well, and at half the price of the Sleep Number, its worth a look.

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The Sleep Number Bed Is Best For You

Bringing Sleep Number bed to your home will be a good choice for you. This is because of the following reasons.

  • This is a great mattress for couples. The sleep number mattress allows every sleeper to move. Its motion isolation feature does not let you get disturbed by the others movements.
  • This bed automatically adjusts itself according to the temperature. Also, its upper knitted fabric makes you feel the softness.
  • If you have enough budget and looking for a nice and durable made bed, then this is an ideal choice for you.
  • You want a perfect level of firmness. This bed adjusts according to the shape and movement of your body. Its DualAir technology does this job.
  • These beds are made of sturdy USA materials.
  • They dont give off any smell for long periods.
  • The materials in them are breathable.
  • These beds offer a long warranty.
  • They have adjustable sides and offer the best support.
  • It has an amazing motion isolation feature.
  • It may be a little expensive for some.
  • It does not offer any free shipping.

Sleep Number 360 I7 Summary

The Sleep Number 360® i7 is the only Sleep Number bed that is memory foam bed. It includes cooling technology, built-in Sleep IQ tech, and is known for helping with aches and pains. If you like softer beds that work well for side or back sleepers and enjoy smart technology, this could be a great option for you!

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Why You Should Trust Us

As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive spent over two years covering sleep and mattresses. Im the author of Wirecutters mattress buying guide, foam mattress guide, innerspring mattress guide, and sleep tracker guide. Ive slept on dozens of different mattresses at home, sampled dozens more in-store, visited mattress factories, and attended mattress trade shows. Ive also spent countless hours interviewing dozens of sleep and mattress experts about good sleep hygiene, pressure-point relief, and proper spinal alignment in bed. For this guide, I made two visits to the Sleep Number store in New York City to try its offerings. I also slept on the Sleep Number 360 p6 in my home for about three weeks.

Sleep Number Flex Fit 2

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Flex Fit 2Flex Fit Adjustable BasesSelect ComfortSleep NumberFlex Fitadjustable bedFlex FitFlex Fit PlusFlex Fit 1Flex Fit 2Sleep NumberairbedFlex Fit 2Flex Fit 1adjustable bed manufacturersfoundationsFlex Fit 2FlexTop KingmattressesSleep NumberSleep NumberFlex Fit 2 Adjustable BaseSleep Number StoresUPSFedExSleep Number StoreFlex Fit 2

  • Adjustable Bed Name and Model

    Sleep Number Flex Fit 2

  • Location

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Sleep Number C4 Summary

Overall, c4 is a good bed choice if you know youre a firm bed lover, which typically means youre a side sleeper. Generally, Sleep Number is a great choice if you want adjustability and personalization, and could definitely be a fit if youre interested in tracking your sleep habits. Plus, the small layer of comfort foam helps with some pressure relief, a nice addition if you know you want a little neck support as you sleep.

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Sleep Number360 I8 Pros Cons And Complaints

After diving into multiple customer reviews across a handful of sites, here were the main, positive reviews of the Sleep Number I8:

Those who loved it said:

  • It provides great pressure relief. Dont forget the 360® I8 mattress comes with a 6 foam comfort layer which is designed to contour to seven areas of your body for great pressure relief for your head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, lower legs, and feet.
  • Its a great option if you have back problems. Many people with back issues explained this bed was great for them, providing the right amount of support and cushion so they could lay safely on their back and sleep with ease.
  • It sure does impress your friends. Sleep Number 360® I8 comes with a lot of bells and whistles, from temperature-regulating technology to automatic adjustments in the middle of the night. If youre someone who appreciates technology and loves digging into your data, this could be a good fit. Many people said they geeked out at the numbers.

Those with didnt love it said:

  • Its pricey. Youre going to paying a pretty penny for this bed. It starts at $2,799.99! So make sure you are definitely the right type of sleeper for this bed before making the investment.

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Leggett And Platt Prodigy 20

TheLeggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 is another luxurious adjustable bed that makes a great alternative to the Sleep Number. It boasts these features snoring preset, smartphone remote or app, WallhuggerTM technology, full-body massage, adjustable legs, and pillow tilt.

Additionally, it features a gentle-wake alarm, sleep timer, two programmable positions, Bluetooth App and USB ports.

Its 10 cool gel foam mattress has 2-inch cooking airflow memory foam, 6-inch Reflexa foam base and 2-inch engineered latex foam.

An impressive feature of this bed is its exclusive MicroHook technology that prevents the mattress from slipping. Moreover, it eliminates the need to have a mattress retainer bar.

A host of high-tech features make it a breeze to control the feature-rich base.

What Type Of Sleep Number Frames Do These Mattresses Work With

How To Assemble A Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed With Integrated Base

You can purchase beds and frames that work with the Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds directly from Sleep Number. You are not required to use Sleep Numbers modular or adjustable bases with your Sleep Number mattress, but you do need a flat and sturdy surface to place the mattress on, so you dont risk voiding your mattress warranty.

Sleep Number mattresses come in all standard industry mattress sizes and will fit into traditional frames and furniture sets, the Sleep Number website explains.

Per the website, the Sleep Number® Integrated Base works with your existing bed furniture and any decor to provide a firm, level surface for your mattress. The modern, clean lines add a premium feel to any décor. Designed specifically for the Sleep Number 360® smart bed, it coordinates with the mattress and holds the Firmness Control system with one plug into a wall outlet.

On the FlexFit 1 adjustable base , you can:

  • Raise the head of your bed to read, watch TV, or sleep in ideal comfort
  • Adjust your beds firmness and elevation with the touch of a button

Theres a FlexFit 2 adjustable base with the following technology:

  • Partner Snore technology, which lets you gently raise your partners head if they are snoring
  • Zero gravity technology, which raises the head and foot of the bed in a way that leaves you feeling weightless
  • The option to adjust your beds firmness and elevation at the touch of a button
  • A timer feature that returns you to your favorite sleeping position

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Best Sleep Number Base Alternative

*Photo Courtesy of GhostBed

A solid and firm bed base is highly beneficial to a mattress. Uneven surfaces cause the body weight to sink into different spots on the mattress lessening its lifespan. Having said that, choosing an adjustable base that mirrors the impressive features of Sleep Number Base goes miles to unlock the potential of a mattress.

In addition to the adjustable bases highlighted above, another great Sleep Number base alternative is theGhostBed Adjustable Base. It is well-suited to those withsleep apnea,lower back pain as well as couples with diverse comfort preferences.

The base comes with different lower and upper body positions for lounging, watching TV and sleeping around. Its zero-gravity setting is impressive for lower back pain and high blood pressure.

Another impressive feature of the Ghostbed adjustable base has to do with its anti-snore preset. Just like with the other alternatives to the Sleep Number base, this model features dual USB ports and under-bed lighting. We have reviewed it extensively in ourbest adjustable bed frame guide.

An industry-leading 15 massage mode ensure luxurious relaxation. A non-skid surface coupled with a sturdy retainer bar keeps the mattress firmly in place.

The GhostBed adjustable base is available in three sizes the Split King, Queen and Twin XL.

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